How to Find the funny wifi names

funny wifi names

funny wifi names The process of changing your default router’s name to one that is more memorable can be fun as well as practical. It could even brighten someone else’s day when they come across your unique Wi-Fi name!

The most appealing thing is the fact that there’s no have to think about how to think of internet puns . Just look up our list of handy names. We’ve compiled a list of 100 hilarious WiFi names.

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We’ll bet you’re not yet ready.

Funny Wi-Fi Names

Before we begin:

Readers who are sensitive to puns should exercise the utmost caution. The next section will contain an excessive quantity of LAN, IP modem, Wi-Fi words.

You’ve been warned.

Cool Wi-Fi Names

What better way to start off the day than with some amazingly cool router names? These suggestions have earned them an appearance on our list of the top Wi-Fi names due to being slightly different from the other options.

Take a look:

Rebellious Amish Family

Not a Meth Lab

Definitely a Meth Lab

FBI Surveillance Van 3

I am Always Watching

Hack of All Trades

Russian Hackers


You Will Regret This

Clean Your Glasses!

Wi-Fi for the Recently Deceased

The Promised LAN

Reserved for Guests I Hate

Open Sesame

Jump on the Bandwidth

Look Ma, No Wires!

I’m Under Your Bed

Enter the Dragon’s Wi-Fi

Wi of Figer (Get it, take it?)

Bob DyLAN.

The Funniest Wi-Fi Names

We’ve all been in the hotspots that were so hilarious (or strange) that we decided to capture these.

What do you think about getting an ID for your network that you can take a picture of?

Here’s our top collection of Wi-Fi jokes to give you a few ideas:

Hot Signals in Your Area

Darude LANstorm

Wu-Tang LAN

That’s What She SSID

Get off My LAN

Connectile Dysfunction

Silence of the LAN

Day LAN Fighter of the Night LAN

Come On And Slam and Welcome to My LAN

Abraham WAN Helsing

LAN Halen

LAN Morrison

Torrent Gump

America’s Next Top Modem

It Burns When IP

Upload the Rain Download in Africa

Troy and Abed in the Modem

I Now Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi

Abraham Linksys

Martin Router King

Benjamin FrankLAN

I Believe Wi Can Fi.

Geeky Wi-Fi Names

You could design your SSID an adorable allusion to your favourite movies, books or video games. Let your fans know how much you love them when you’re a part the major fandoms, like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Also, show love to smaller (but equally lovely!) communities.

Let us be your guide with the top Wi-Fi names for true geeks:

Routers of Rohan

Bilbo Laggins

Speak Friend and Enter

House LANnister

The Ping in the North

Ping’s LANding

Gordon FreeLAN

Final Fantasy Finally Finishes

One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor

Yer a Wi-Fi Harry

Connecto Patronum

The Restricted Section


Jar Jar Linksys

This Is Not the Network You Are Looking For

You Shall Not Password

Winternet is Coming

The Mad Ping


Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi

Spiderman’s World Wide Web.

Clever Wi-Fi Names

Who says that your network ID isn’t a way to show off your intelligence? You can always think outside the boxYou’re not required to make obvious LAN-related jokes.

If you’re looking for light-hearted humor, take look at these great Wi-Fi names:

Definitely Not Wi-Fi

No Connections Available

Click and Die

Ye Olde Internet

Mother’s Maiden Name

Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi-Fi

Password Is Gullible

Please Click for Identity Theft

Occam’s Router

Wi-Fi Art Thou Romeo

How Is the Signal There?

Wi-Fi for Cats Only

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

I Know What You Browsed Last Summer

All Your Bandwidth Belong To Us

Simon Says No Wi-Fi

Titanic Syncing

Where the Wild Pings Are

Witness Protection

404 Network Unavailable



How To Change the Wi-Fi Name

You’ve come up with the perfect ,funny wifi names concept. What now?

It’s about time to edit your network’s name (also called the Service Set Identifier or SSID).

The first thing to be aware of is the IP address of your router. It is easily found when you click on Properties of the network you are connected to. It is the one that appears in the next column “IPv4 address”.

Then, type it into your browser and you’ll be able to access the router’s administrator page. Log in, and then navigate through your Settings page.

Find the current name of your router (it will be listed under SSID, Wireless Network Name or”Router Name”). When you have found it, enter your favorite Wi-Fi name. Remember to save any modifications.

That’s all there is!

It may not look as it does, however coming funny SSIDs is difficult work. The more ridiculous the joke the more thought was put into it!

It’s definitely worth the effort. Even small things such as names of wireless networks will add a little spice to your daily life. It’s a chance to brighten an impact on someone’s life!


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