8 Top Benefits of Having a GPS Tracker on Your Car

GPS Tracker on Your Car

GPS Cars are an expensive commodity, not to mention the additional costs such as gas, insurance, and overall maintenance that come with owning a car. For some, it may be a case of moving from point A to B, but for others, their cars are of sentimental value. In fact, statistics indicate that not only do 90% of American households own a vehicle, but 58% own more than two. In addition, some car owners are people who run businesses that include a fleet of cars. Therefore, losing a car or not knowing its whereabouts is something that no car owner should ever experience. This is why GPS trackers come in handy!

How Does Vehicle GPS Tracking Work?

Before looking into the benefits of a car GPS tracker, you need to know what a GPS tracker can do for you to enjoy the benefits below. Primarily, vehicle GPS tracking works to let you know your vehicle’s exact location. With the more advanced GPS trackers, you can receive a diagnosis of your car’s overall health. You can also get alerts if someone tampered with your vehicle.

Benefits of Having a GPS Tracker on Your Car 

Unfortunately, car theft cases are on the rise these days. In the US alone in 2019, the number of stolen cars was estimated to be 721,885 cars.  To be safe, many car owners have opted to install GPS trackers in their cars to avoid theft. However, GPS car trackers not only prevent the theft of cars but also have many other benefits.

Here is a detailed list of the benefits of having a GPS tracker in your car.

Reduce Wages and Fuel

Fuel and wages are a top headache provoker for most businesses, especially those with a fleet of cars. For such businesses, wages and fuel takes a toll on the expenditure of the business. In a time in history where fuel prices keep going up, everyday businesses with a fleet of cars have to find a way to reduce this heavy expenditure.

One way of reducing the expenditure on wages and fuel is by installing GPS trackers, especially those with dashcams in their cars. How can a GPS tracker for fleet vehicles help in this? The management team can use the GPS tracker to discover activities that lead to high fuel use—activities like using longer routes, leaving the engine running, speeding, and more.

The management team can also reduce wages by tracking the number of hours a driver spends driving. Without a GPS tracking device, many drivers can fiddle their mileage, but with a GPS tracker, the management will already have the mileage before the driver fills the form.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that you can manage your fleet of cars with a GPS tracker and minimize the wages and fuel expenditure.

Improve Safety

In the previous point above, we mentioned that the drivers would be more disciplined with a GPS tracker. Now, apart from drivers behaving well, they will be safer, and your car will be safer too. As a fleet manager or a car owner, you can track your car and know immediately when there is a problem with your vehicle.

With an advanced GPS tracker, you will know if the car has a faulty engine or when the driver is in an emergency situation. With such knowledge, you can send them roadside assistance from where you are. Such knowledge not only keeps your driver safe, but your car will also be safe.

Theft Recovery

You may not believe you need to monitor your car since you will be driving it! However, it is possible that your vehicle will be taken without your consent at some point. In real-time, a car tracker will identify the exact location of the vehicle. Clearly, any assistance in its recovery would be much appreciated.

If you fear that your car can be stolen, then a GPS tracker is your best bet. With a GPS tracker, you will know immediately when someone with no access tries to get in the car because of the warning alerts. You will also have a map of the involved routes, and you can alert the police to help you recover your car. Having a GPS map seems to be of little help when it comes to car theft, but it plays a critical role in the quick recovery of your car.

Track Your Teens

One of the leading causes of death in teens is motor vehicle accidents. The accidents are primarily due to the lack of driving experience of the teens. With a GPS tracker, you can easily track your teen’s driving trends and address issues that may arise. If you are worried about your teen’s whereabouts when it’s getting late, a GPS tracker will help you easily locate where they are.

Get Vehicle Diagnostics 

With some of the more advanced GPS trackers, you will get full diagnostics on your car regularly. With a detailed Diagnosis, you will be in an excellent position to know when your car needs an immediate repair. Some trackers will even remind you of your routine maintenance. Such GPS trackers are great for fleet managers to help them avoid sudden vehicle breakdowns. The management team will also know how to manage car maintenance routines.

Lower your Insurance Payments

You may have heard of the recent installation of “black boxes” in the vehicles of new or inexperienced drivers. For many motorists, insurance rates may be prohibitively expensive, and using a vehicle monitoring system can substantially reduce the monthly insurance price. It isn’t only for new or inexperienced drivers. At any age, you may choose to use a vehicle tracking device. You also don’t have to use your insurance company’s own GPS gadget. You may customize your own and use data from your tracker to back up your claim of being a cautious driver.

Improve Customer Service

In the current business world, where there is high competition, you need to stand out in customer service. One way to improve customer service is by having a speedy response when a customer needs your services. The GPS tracker can assist in this since you can tell your customer how long your staff will take or when there is a delay because of the traffic on the route the staff is using.

For instance, if your staff is delayed by traffic on the road, you can be in a position to explain to your customer detailed information about their delivery. You can notify them with a text highlighting the delay, how far the staff is from the customer, and how long they will take. This, in turn, keeps your customer at ease, and when their delivery arrives, the customer will be happy about the accuracy of your notification text. A happy and satisfied customer means a successful business.

Preserve the Environment

Around the globe, environmental preservation is a heated issue. Most businesses are caving into public pressure to reduce the amount of harm they do to the environment on a daily basis. A transport or logistics company may be confident that they are constantly sending its drivers in the correct direction and that they are always requesting the nearest driver to attend by employing a tracking device. This reduces the number of hazardous gases released into the environment by a vehicle traveling long distances unnecessarily. Those who use this strategy gain from lower gasoline costs, and the planet benefits from cleaner air!

Bottom Line

Vehicle GPS tracking technology is no longer a luxury to most businesses dealing with a fleet of cars; it is a necessity. There are s many benefits of using a GPS tracking device on your vehicles. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, it is necessary that you leverage the power of this technology and thus improve the success of your business.

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