It is possible to be very upset when our Asus router stops working even when it has a stable connection. This is among the top common Asus router issues.

There are several alternatives to fix the majority of these issues. To resolve these issues and figure out what is causing the Asus router is constantly disconnected from the internet, it is necessary to first understand these common issues.

Asus Router drops Internet:

Knowing the most frequent problems you encounter can assist you in resolving these issues without spending a lot of time looking for solutions. Furthermore there is a chance that one of them could be connected to other issues related to your Asus router, besides the one in which the Asus router loses internet connection:

Issues with setup: Although we are sure of our username and passwords, we aren’t able to login since we are unable to access it via our browser.

Another problem, that is fairly common occurs when our Asus router often loses its internet connectivity. The users of Asus routers frequently experience this problem There are many solutions to solve it. Let’s try to understand the issue a little more.

Flashing LEDs orange: The issue can be found if the flashing LED indicator in orange is visible. Everything is in order in the case of green. The system isn’t functioning correctly if it’s red. The reason it’s orange is that there’s not an internet connection.

This could also indicate that you need an update to your firmware, that your configuration isn’t working or that the data transmission is not working properly, etc. In the near future, we’ll cover each of these errors.

Inaccessible internet This usually occurs in the event of an adapter-related problem. So, it is important to look in your network adapters directory and attempt to fix the issue.

You can also click on the connection icon located in the lower right-hand part of the screen, and select Troubleshoot the issue. This will automatically check the network adapter, and be able to resolve the issue of the Asus router not connecting to the internet.

Causes for why Asus router loses internet connection:

Our Asus router is frequently disconnected from the internet. There are three possible explanations that could explain why this happens. The older firmware and QoS (Quality of Service) settings or even something as simple as overheating might be the reason.

Firmware that is not working:

If there is power outages while an automatic update is happening, the router’s firmware is out of date. An outage of power at a location the router’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) employs is another reason for the old firmware of our router.

Service level:

Sometimes, disconnections are caused through the QoS setting. These settings on the router’s QoS have been set to provide your network with the highest speed. The smart QoS feature that is available on Asus routers is designed to ensure users get maximum from the speed.

It is possible to create an limit on bandwidth for download and upload with QoS. However, the default settings can hinder the speed our ISP provides.


The heat could be the primary cause for any device failing to perform or function correctly. It’s time for cooling your equipment if it’s excessively hot. In this instance, it could the case with you Asus router. You also have to eliminate the source of the heat.

Solutions to fix Asus routers drop internet connection:

Our Asus router could be fixed in a variety of different ways. Once we’ve completed the process, it will not be able to disconnect. The QoS is able to be turned off or at least , it can be modified. You can decrease the CPU’s speed of operation or perform a standard factory reset, and finally simply chill it down.

Turn off QoS

Explore your Adaptive QoS section on the General tab on the left pane after you have logged onto the settings of your Asus router’s configuration. After you log in you’ll see four tabs. Choose the QoS tab.

Refresh your router

As we’ve mentioned before that a CPU is prone to overheating and in this case, the part of it ceases to perform its function. It acts as a failsafe for the system. In order to safeguard the hardware, it will shut down. This is the possible cause the reason for the Asus router’s frequent disconnects from the internet.

Reset the factory settings

The most efficient and effective alternative is to perform a conventional factory reset. Simply turn off the routerand hit and hold WPS until you turn the router back on. Release the button once you have completed that, and your router will reboot.

A different option would be to sign into the router’s settings, then select Advanced Settings from the left-hand menu, then choose Administration. After selecting Administration Go into the Restore, Save or Upload Settings menu, choose Restore after which select OK to reboot the router.


There is no internet connectivity or configuration issues, the flashing of the orange LED and the problem of our Asus router is constantly disconnected with the web are frequently encountered Asus router issues. Then your router must be cool down, the QoS switched off or both.

After completing these steps, the Asus router should function properly. If none of them work you can contact the support team of your ISP as well as Asus support to determine what they can do to help. You now are aware of what to do if your Asus router stops connecting to the internet.

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