Benefits of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy that will shock you

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption What does it mean by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS)?  It is usually a methodical technique that automatically measures the concentration of elements by determining the amount of light absorbed.

How does it Work?

The atomic absorption spectrophotometer typically uses the absorption of light to determine the concentration of particular metal atoms in a liquid or solid form vaporizing in FAAS flame or GFAAS graphite furnace.  A specific wavelength of light excites the free metal atoms by using the energy absorbed proportionately to the number of atoms of the element in each sample.  Then, the difference of both the sample and the background is therefore absorbed and measured, comparing it with the absorption of sequence standard solutions.

Why Would You Use AAS?

Have you ever asked yourself why you should make use of AAS? There are several benefits of why you should use it. The main one is that it is relatively affordable and easy to use, offering a high quantity of liquids and solids to all metal contents.   It, therefore, makes it suitable for a comprehensive collection of applications.

What Is AAS Used For?

Atomic Absorption Are you asking yourself such a question? Don’t worry. On this page, you will automatically know everything about AAS. The guide is well designed to shed more light on everyone ready to learn more about the process. It is usually used to trace metal analysis of several sample types in the environmental sciences, beverage, foods, chemicals, and pharmaceutical fields to make you know the amount of contamination, making it easy to monitor and control quality and quick valuation of raw materials. You will be amazed to know it is also used in a clinical setting to analyze biological fluids like urine and blood.

Several Benefits of AAS you should know


AAS is known to be a wonderful accurate method used to produce precise results within a rate of 0.5- 5%, and an even better rate, especially when the appropriate standard is well used.


Atomic Absorption It usually brings an excellent, sensitive discovery method; it is so amazing that AAS can essentially measure all through to parts per billion grams per substance.  It has been revolutionized on how certain practices are done in all kinds of fields. For instance, it will automatically detect any trace of toxin level of medication or atmosphere in the medical field. Likewise, in pharmaceuticals, you will automatically detect any undesirable traces of any catalyst present in the final product.  On the other hand, in agriculture, ASS is usually used to identify traces you aren’t aware of.  The traces include molybdenum, cobalt, as it identifies their usefulness.


Another fantastic benefit is cost-effectiveness. It uses less cost than other methods, whereby it offers running costs which are usually lower.


The Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer process usually relies on light absorption and radiation to reach the most accessible elements, making them accessible. For instance, when miners use ASS to regulate rocks containing enough precious metal or gold to worthwhile mining, hence makes you earn a lot of money.

The high sensitivity of the AAS process means that you can never introduce contamination sources when preparing standard samples.  Follow the above guideline, and you will never go wrong as long as the atomic absorption process is concerned

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