Best TV Providers In 2021

Best TV Providers In 2021

Traditional TV is changing, but you can still subscribe to the new and improved cable or satellite TV you’ve always known and loved. From sports channels to movie channels and kids channels; everyone in the family has their own needs and wants on TV. So how do you choose a new TV provider? While shopping for a new provider, think about what matters the most to you. Is it price? Or maybe there are channels you just have to have so you can watch your favorite show or sports team.

To help you find the best TV providers available today, we’ve put together this list of the best TV providers in 2021. The TV providers that made our list are the best of the best available in TV for superior programming, reasonable prices, great tech, and reliability. Let’s find you your next TV provider here.

  1. DISH Network

If you love technology and are looking for a provider without surprise pricing then look no further than DISH Network. DISH is easily the best satellite TV around for their Hopper 3 Smart DVR that lets you record more shows and hold more content than anyone else. The DVR is integrated with Netflix, DraftKings, Pandora, Amazon Alexa, and more for a better viewing experience. Plus, you won’t receive a surprise bill increase a year later like other TV providers do. While DISH Network doesn’t have the Sunday ticket that their competitor DirecTV is known for, DISH does have nearly all the college sports channels available on any network. If you’re a college sports fan, it’ll be easy to watch your favorite games with DISH.

DISH Network Channels Prices
Satellite TV service 190 channels to 290+ channels $64.99/mo to $99.99/mo
  1. DirecTV

DirecTV is home to the highly desired NFL Sunday Ticket. If you’re a football fan, you already know that DirecTV has the NFL Sunday Ticket and it will give you viewing access to all NFL games throughout the season, not just the ones you can find on local channels. However, it is pricey if you subscribe to the cheaper plans and is only included in their higher-tiered plans. There’s programming for those who aren’t football fans too, but the rest is about average.

DirecTV Channels Prices
Satellite TV service 160+ channels to 330+ channels $64.99/mo to $134.99/mo
  1. Spectrum

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced service with no contracts and need both TV and internet; Spectrum might be the best choice for you. Spectrum is notorious for offering the best deals when you bundle services. Plus, if your current TV provider is holding you back, Spectrum does offer a contract buyout program for up to $500 as long as you meet all their requirements. You’ll still have to foot the bill up front, but you’ll get your early cancelation fee money back and better internet service.

Spectrum TV Channels Prices
Cable TV service 125+ channels to 200+ channels $44.99/mo to $94.99/mo
  1. Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon FiOS is the best fiber TV provider available on the East Coast. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the nine states Verizon FiOS services it’s a great choice. Their TV and internet if you decide to get internet too is no contract, fast and they have a special TV package for those who don’t know what plan is best for them. How it works if you sign up for FiOS TV Test Drive, you get access to their top-tier TV plan at their lowest tier price for 60 days. When those 60 days are up Verizon Fios will recommend the best TV plan for you based on what you watched during those 60 days.

Verizon FiOS TV Channels Prices
Fiber TV service 125+ channels to 425+ channels $56/mo to $96/mo
  1. Sling TV

If you love live TV, channel surfing, and no commitments, you’ll love Sling TV. It’s available anywhere you are as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. Choose between two-channel packages or if you can decide you can get both and you’ll also get free 50 hours of cloud DVR service. Sling TV customers can add extra channels including premium channels, and international channels at any time. Sling TV doesn’t have any free trials right now, but if you would like to try it they are offering $10 off your first month for new customers.

Sling TV Channels Prices
Streaming TV service 30+ channels to 75+ channels $35/mo to $50/mo

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