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video downloader free YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all important and famous platforms for video sharing. Millions of online users from all across the globe use these platforms for watching their favorite content. Now the problem regarding this video sharing and watching is that it consumes a lot of data cap which is not cheap or shall we say affordable for all of us.

Now in this context, we are going to talk all about the best video downloader free available on the web that can be catered or used on desktops and other smart devices for free. All of these tools and apps discussed below are well reputed and highly accessible. Make sure you use them and download your favorite videos so that you can watch them later and as many times as you want to like a pro!


Itubego is a famous software program that can help you in saving videos from important platforms on the web. Now one of the top class features about this tool is that it can help you in the conversion of video shots and content into different formats. You can convert videos to Mp3, Mp4, and even in 4k Format with the help of this online downloader tool. This tool supports multiple video and audio formats. Another best thing about this tool is that it can help you in searching for TV series and subtitles for free from any website on the internet!

Video downloader by smallseotools

The video downloader free tool by smallseotools is a very reputed tool that you can find on the web these days. This tool is a very easy one to use, and you can simply grab any kind of content from various online sources. You can download any video from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media by just adding the URL. It should be crystal to you that this is a free tool and can be used on every device that you have. You can use this link  to get direct access to all video downloader and can start saving content on a one-click basis.

You must also know that this tool has one of the simplest and friendliest interfaces and layout. You can also use this downloader to convert the Format of the video and their resolution in your desired ones!

Snap downloader

The snap downloader is the best tool that can save videos from online sources; this is one of the best video downloading applications for windows as well as for the mac operating system. You can use this application quite easily as it has the easiest to use and understand interface.

You must know that this video downloader free tool is a very important one as it can also help you save content from YouTube. You can save videos in different qualities, and the best thing is that it allows you to save content in 8K resolutions! You can save entire playlists with this tool as well!

4k video downloader

4k video downloader is an all website downloader tool that can help you in saving video content from any online platform. You just have to log on with this site and start using it like a pro. The tool is easy to use as you just have to copy the URL of the video from the said platform and you can paste it in the URL bar of the tool.

The tool will automatically find out the exact location of the content and will save it on your device. You can save content in higher quality.

SOFTORINO downloader

Now, this is another video downloader free that you should know about in detail. You must know that with the help of this application, you save videos on a single-click basis. You can use this online tool on any device that you have.

You just have to enter the proper keywords or URL of the video in this tool and press the download button. The tool will get your content within less than seconds without any difficulties, this is one of the best automatic tools that you will find. So don’t miss the chance and start saving content with this online software program!


Vidmate is a very famous tool available online. This application is specifically designed for android devices to save content from different sources. You should know that this app allows you to simply grab content from different sources of the web. You save video content from Facebook, Instagram, and also other social media platforms without getting into any hassle. You can use the play store to video downloader free this app on your device, or you can also use the website itself for the installation purpose!

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