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Free vpn reddit

Free vpn reddit  Are you looking to find information on the best VPN service, the best solution you would want to go with is Reddit? The feedback received on free VPN on Reddit proves to be one of the huge options for achieving the best possible standards. You will find a huge number of subreddits on Reddit that lets you focus on the best free VPN you can rely upon.

But are there any free VPN Reddit users would want to recommend? Well, there is never a consensus among the users on Reddit with respect to the best free VPN service. We thought we will list out a few good options for the free VPN Reddit users have upvoted and find the best free VPN Reddit recommends – although a little indirectly.

Best free VPN Reddit users recommend in 2023

Here are a few free VPNs Reddit users have upvoted and recommended as the best VPN service. Of course, there are a few goods and affordable paid VPNs as well.

1. SurfShark


SurfShark is not necessarily a free VPN service but comes with affordable pricing and a subscription. An extremely cheaper and affordable VPN service, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SurfShark is cheaper than almost 99 percent of the service providers and that is one of the reasons why it is the best VPN Reddit users vouch for. With more than 3200 servers spread across 65 countries, it lets you work best for effective torrenting and an ability to unblock your favorite streaming services. The enhanced security features such as MultiHop, CleanWeb, kill switch, and a Camouflage Mode further make it one of the reliable VPN services.

2. WindScribe


WindScribe VPN service offers you both free and paid versions for the best in class VPN services ever. While the paid version does come with a huge advantage, the free version does not lag behind as such.

The free version is made available with a limited bandwidth of 10 GB per month. While it may not enough if you download a lot of files, it is indeed quite good compared to the other free plans offer. The free VPN service comes with access to up to 10 servers. The support for P2P protocols is what would further enhance your experience. Perfect service with enhanced privacy and security and an AES 256 encryption can further make it a reliable tool that can prove to be a great option ever.

3. Hide. Me


Hide. I am what has one of the stranger VPN services. It is one of the best free VPN Reddit users have been considering a great tool, but there are a few people who have been voting against it.

The service comes with five servers for free. You have access to only Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, US East, and US West. The availability of P2P functionality is what would further enhance your experience. However, the data cap is limited only to up to 2 GB. However, the VPN service may not work with Netflix. Hide. I have been one of the prominent options and a capable one for almost all your needs in a free VPN service.

4. TunnelBear


Yet another excellent free VPN Reddit users upvote would include TunnelBear. The service was once a huge option for unblocking Netflix. However, of late, the service hasn’t been as useful for Netflix streaming.

Under the free plan, TunnelBear does provide you access to 500 MB per month. That can be one of the huge drawbacks of the VPN service. However, when compared to the other services, you will find TunnelBear providing you a wide range of server locations with over 20 servers on a free plan. The service is available on a wide range of platforms that include Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. In case your bandwidth requirements are lower, TunnelBear is one of the excellent options. It has been one of the thoughtful services for almost all your choices for a free VPN service ever.

5. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is one of the absolutely free VPN services and has been admired by almost all Reddit followers. The only difference between the free and paid options is that the paid plans come with simultaneous connections, a good number of servers, and full-fledged support for Netflix and torrenting.

Access for OpenVPN and AES-256 are a few features that should ideally make ProtonVPN one of the thoughtful inclusions for almost all your expectations. A great privacy policy that dos do not save any of your logs is what would provide you a very enhanced experience ever. ProtonVPN has been an excellent service if you are looking for a free VPN service. The approval from the Reddit community and the performance characteristics are what would make it one of the excellent options ever.


Should you use VPN for accessing Reddit?

No matter which service you are accessing, it is always recommended to use a VPN service. You can use the free VPN Reddit users have recommended on their servers. A VPN service simply encrypts all your online activities and thereby lets you stay safe.

Does Reddit work in China?

Reddit is blocked in China. That would mean you would need to use the free VPN Reddit users recommend for accessing Reddit in China

The Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for the best free VPN service for safeguarding your online activities, Reddit can be your best bet for finding the best VPN service for your needs. In fact, free VPN services are never recommended as they are known to be selling your data. In such cases, it may be quite worthwhile to consider the free VPN Reddit users have upvoted and recommended can prove to be quite effective and efficient in achieving more positive results.

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