Best Free MMORPG Games You Can Find in 2022


MMORPG Games is one of the most intelligent and popular computer games. The MMO industry generates $10 billion annually and reaches a huge audience. You can find many free MMORPG games and paid MMORPG games. For example, World of Warcraft has players who have spent more time on Azeroth than the human race did 6 million years ago. The basic idea behind all these big numbers is simple: anyone, anywhere, can become anything in this virtual world (and pick up some loot along the way).

Unlike the text-based multiplayer corners from which MMOs evolved, today’s MMOs are much more complex. These games bring out the best in the genre, whether human cats or ruthless dictators. We’ve rounded up the best online games you can play today to celebrate this great family — and help you find the value of your time. To keep things simple, we’ve even ranked them so you can get an idea of ​​what makes each game exceptional. Also, we will share a list of free MMORPG games, so you don’t have to worry about paying to play these games.

World of Warcraft

Platform: Windows and macOS

You might think the world of Warcraft is not a free MMORPG. Why join? You can play the first 20 levels of the game for free, and since 20 levels mean a lot of time in World of Warcraft, you won’t have a problem playing them all. That’s why it’s included in this list.

There are not many people who are not familiar with World of Warcraft. It is synonymous with the MMORPG genre. It offers players a vast and expansive world full of content to explore. All the elements of a high-quality MMORPG are present in the game, such as character customization, an ongoing open world, and a compelling story. Getting started with World of Warcraft should be your top priority if you haven’t already. A game like this should not be missed.

Guild Wars 2

Platform: Windows and macOS

To get you started, another free MMORPG for beginners, Guild Wars 2, has an interesting story that changes according to your decisions. You won’t find this in other games. Like many other MMORPGs, the game also includes common features such as character customization, crafting, and powerful PvP and PvP elements.

It takes place in the fantasy world of Terra and allows players to explore the vast persistent world alone or with friends. As part of the Guild Wars 2 story, there are also many environments that players will encounter. Guild Wars 2’s dynamic, action-oriented mechanics make leveling more fun than World of Warcraft, which is sometimes considered a grind. If you are tired of playing other MMORPGs, this game is for you.

Secret Worlds Legends

Platform: Windows and macOS

Secret World Legends is a new adaptation of the free-to-play model. The game is defined at least in part by its setting, which is the stuff of conspiracy theorists’ nightmares (or their worst nightmares). A world shrouded in mystery and filled with supernatural terrors, including secret societies, mythical creatures and sinister paradoxes. The events of the game are given a wide sweep by its killer sound design, effectively heightening the tension.

The game’s dedication to storytelling is one of its strongest features. Instead of the standard MMO model allowing players to shoot out of control with no major goal, Secret Worlds focuses on a small number of missions with clearly defined objectives at once. The focus on the game’s story is emphasized, leaving its writing and environment somewhat similar to high quality.

Star Conflict

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

If you love space exploration, try Star Clash. This free MMORPG puts you in the role of a space pilot searching for exotic treasures worldwide. During the star conflict, you are tasked to collect various spaceships, such as fighters or large satellites that can fly through space.

The game offers various PvE missions and raids, where you have to fight against space pirates, space pirates and PvP that take place in your space in outer space. You can customize your spaceship with different types of weapons or ship units organized under the tech tree. Another great feature of Star Conflict is that it allows players to experience the game in virtual reality using the Oculus Rift.


Platform: Windows

As you create gods, you become gods, gain followers, and ascend to godhood in a scientific world equipped with advanced technology. Okay, all these words don’t usually go together, but let’s not give up now. Why be a mere marauder in a vast world full of other marauders when you can make your god in Skyforge?

Unlike most typical MMOs, Skyforge allows players to change their class any time, so matchmaking is seamless and leveling up is no longer necessary. In the prestige system, characters are ranked by their overall stats, not by their level above. Skyforge offers a nice twist from other MMO fighting games by replacing the traditional MMO system, offering a sci-fi world of action-oriented battles.

EVE Online

Platform: Windows and macOS

EVE still dominates online MMOs and is the source of many incredible gameplay stories, which is why it focuses on certain elements. In addition to correct simulations and systems, CCP cares about its particular community and provides appropriate feedback because it is often its users who make decisions.

Although critics dismiss EVE as a spreadsheet in space, criticism points to one of its strongest points: its real and progressive economy. It is said that the game’s conspiracies sometimes spill over into the real world, with EVE companies and allies taking their business very seriously. No other game can compare to EVE Online in-depth, precision, sophisticated diplomacy, and massive space battles.

Star Trek Online

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

In addition to its strong license, Star Trek Online offers a rich and unique gaming experience that is unbeatable in the MMO market. With an endless combination of spaceships and aliens and a third-person shooter and marine simulator, Space Truckers Online is an addictive game that will make you addicted to spaceships and aliens.

Many familiar elements in the series and movies are as easy to find as they are to watch. Fans of Star Trek: The Original Series are treated to flying Borg Cubes, traversing the Nine Resorts of Deep Space, or visiting alien planets as part of a remote team. The new story expansion in the Alpha Quadrant, launched in late January, introduces several recent limited-time events and mini-games and new gameplay content set in previously uncharted territory.


There are countless free MMORPGs that you can find online, but above are some of the best that we have selected for you.

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