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MyMedicalme is an online portal that helps members to manage their medical bills with ease. Apart from bill payments, it also assists you with several other options that can be seen as an exciting opportunity for handling your medical expenses. You can get access to a wide range of options that include enhanced efficiency in terms of payment facilities and bill management.

What is

MyMedicalme is an online portal that helps you make your medical payments. In addition, it can also be useful in a wide range of benefits. Some of the options available on the platform include viewing your recent history of activities, viewing the payment, and checking your billing statements.

A 24 x 7 service is what would further make it one of the exciting choices. You just need to sign in to the service with your username and password and get access to the world-class performance. In case you have received a medical bill from your doctor or pharmacist, you can easily make use of the service to begin making a payment right away.

The features available on MyMedicalme

MyMedicalme does provide you access to multiple services that further enhance your experience. Some of the features you would find rather impressive can include

  • You can have a look at the bills and also view and manage them with ease.
  • You may print the statements if you need to produce them for any other purpose.
  • You can even share any complaints just in case you have any complaints as such
  • Check out and change your payment methods.
  • Update the contact details and address if needed
  • Modify your notification settings, based on the type of device you want to access them.

How to sign up and login to MyMedicalme?

One of the best options offered by myMedicalme is that it does let you make payments with or without an account. However, not having an account will only let you make payments, but there is no means of how to find your account details or the past activity.

Here is how you can create an account on Mymedicalme –

  • Visit the official site at
  • If you are visiting MyMedicalme for the first time, you should find an option to register.

MyMedicalme login

  • Click on Register
  • You will need to provide a few details to register yourself on the site. Some of the details needed would include

Last 4 digits of your phone number

Last 4 digits of your social security number

Your date of birth.

  • Validate the details by clicking on Validate

Wait patiently. The system will validate your details and you can only move ahead only if the information provided by you is genuine.

If your details are validated, you will need to move ahead with the following details –

  • Add your personal information
  • Choose your username and password
  • Submit your full name, Address, Email ID, and Contact Details.

Once your details are confirmed, click on Submit and your account will be created

You will need to create your Hotschedules login credentials based on a few parameters. There are a few rules that govern the username and password can include

  • The username should be maximum 12 characters.
  • Your email ID
  • You need to pick a security question. This will be used to retrieve your password just in case you forget it
  • Answer for the security question you chose.
  • Next, create a password and confirm it

Once you have provided the information, you can simply click on Validate to submit your preferences for the username and password.

How to pay your bills using MyMedicalme?

You can make the payment using the following method –

  • Visit the MyMedicalMe site and log in to your account. You may even make a payment without logging in or creating an account.
  • Click on the option Make Payment
  • Provide the bill details carefully and then click on the Continue option
  • You will now be redirected to another page where you will find the payment details.
  • Click on the option Make Payment
  • Pick the payment method, card details, and the payment amount.
  • Click on Pay

Do note that you may receive an OTP on your phone to confirm your payment.

How to contact MyMedicame?

Well, MyMedicalme provides you access to several advantages and benefits and has been known to be one of the exciting options ever. In most situations, you should not run into any issues when using the portal for any of your needs.

However, just in case you need any sort of assistance and need to get in touch with MyMedicalme for any sort of assistance, you will find the following details quite beneficial in contacting them.

  • If you want to contact them on phone, you can do so at 1-866-770-2116.
  • The customer service may be contacted through email at
  • If you have forgotten the username or password and cannot find the right way to retrieve it in any way, the best way would be to contact them on the phone number 1-866-770-2116

The Closing thoughts

That was all about how you can make the best use of MyMedicalme and put it to decent use. We assume the details above should help you get access to the best information in how to get in touch with the service.

MyMedicalme is extremely safe and secure and you need to have any worries with handling and using it for any of your individual requirements.


What are the methods to pay online at

You can make payment using a debit card or credit card from almost any recognized bank.

Is it safe to use MyMedicalme?

Yes, it is a 100 percent safer service and you do not need to have any security concerns when using the same. It is trusted and recommended by most of the users worldwide and has been a very reliable service for your expectations.

How to remember bill payment dates?

There is no need to remember your payment details and dates. You will get notifications about your pending payments. You can easily manage them and make payments without any sort of hassles.

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