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What is Onlyfans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based content explorer. Established in 2016 by British technology entrepreneur as well as financier Timothy Stokely  OnlyFans is a great hub for content creators or entertainers to supply exclusive web content to the audiences who have purchased subscriptions. Developers can secure their video content behind a paywall, allowing Audiences access for a regular monthly fee. At present, OnlyFans has more than 60 million active customers as well as greater than 1 million content creators. In this article, we have provided complete detail about this most popular application.

What type of content users can get on Onlyfans

Creators can upload a variety of content according to the targeted audience. Such as poetry, motivational speeches, art and craft, recipe but the main thing is adult content, Onlyfans is a private platform that is why it does not have a lot of rescription. Creators are free to upload whatever they want including adult videos and images. That is why presently it has Lakhs of adult creators and models. You already know that if we upload such videos and images on Instagram youtube and TikTok it would be banned because it is a public platform. But in the case of Onlyfans, it is completely opposite.

What are the subscription prices of Onlyfans

Onlyfans have multiple types of subscription rates, the minimum price is $4.99 per month ad the highest subscription rate is $49.99 per month. Along with this content creators can also provide exclusive features such as one-to-one chats and personal messages starting at $5. This can help users to engage better with creators and to build better relationships.


How does Onlyfans work

Since it is a private platform and multiple adult content is uploaded it is compulsory for the users at least 18 years old to signup, and to prove this you need a government-registered ID. You should also need to understand that each content is protected by strong security and if users try screen recording and screenshot of the content then it will show blocked out just to ensure the safety and privacy of the content.

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The aim of Onlyfans is to provide a platform where creators can upload premium and exclusive content without any restrictions. The content creators can signup for free and if users buy a subscription to watch their content, they get 80 percent of the membership charge as a payout. So it is basically an 80 to 20 percent payout ratio.

Earn through Onlyfans affiliate programs.

OnlyFans additionally provides an Affiliate program in which users that refer a content creator to the platform can get 5% of the Affiliated creator’s revenues for the one year only up to the starting $1 million made by the referred creators. There are no restrictions to the number of Affiliated creators you can bring and also in the total referral earnings. Affiliate commission payouts are released on the first day of the month.

The Affiliate program used to pay 5% of the referred maker’s profits permanently but with the platform’s appeal, Affiliates are now being restricted to the year complying with signup, up to the $1 million gained by the referred makers. This system encourages new creators who actually have talent and wanted to show their skills to come and start showcasing and earn simultaneously.

What type of devices does Onlyfans support?

Onlyfans can be accessed on all the major devices including android, IOS, windows, MacBook, Roku, amazon fire, and also on TV. A great thing for OFTV users is they can watch more than 1000 videos for free, which is the collection of videos of your creators such as Safaree Samuels, Jem wolfie, Aaron carter, Belle Delphine, and Holly Madison. This application includes exclusive content from fitness, music to comedians.

Who uses Onlyfans?

Musicians, models, fitness instructors, social media influencers, short video creators, podcasters, tech creators all use Onlyfans to create their content and entertain the audiences. Also, this platform helps them to increase popularity and attract audiences. They can generate revenue from subscriptions and pay-per-view options in which users pay some amount to interact with their favorite creators.

How to join the Onlyfans platform?

if you want to become a creator in Onlyfans then you can join by your official google or Twitter account. First of all, visit the official website of Onlyfans and create your account, and then go to the account settings page where you can change your username password and email. You can change your name on the profile section and also select the subscription type.

Some Great Features of the Onlyfans platform.

Easy and user-friendly dashboard

If you firstly visit the website you can feel that this platform is very easy to use. Users can easily jump to other options because of straightforward navigation. Each and every section is easily visible.


Advertisement free platform

Onlyfnas do not collaborate with advertisers and sponsors so that you will not able to see any type of irritating advertisement on this application. This feature is included to deliver you clean and uninterrupted content.

Notification panel

Users can see all the notifications on the separate notification corner. This includes a subscription list, likes, and replies.


Users can chat with their favorite creators in the messages section. So start messaging and make your relationship stronger.

Set subscription price

Onlyfans gives the opportunity to users to select the type of subscription and price range. So that all types of users can utilize this platform. From the profile section, you can select the subscription price.

Final verdict

Onlyfan is a great content platform that ensures complete privacy of content because only the person who purchases a membership is allowed to see the content which is basically music, comedy, cooking, and adult videos. Also, it encourages new creators to showcase their talent and also generate revenue. They can upload anything they want, without worrying about takedown and banning. Users are free to choose what type of content they want to watch and subscription rates vary according to this.

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