How to enable Reddit Dark Mode

Reddit Dark mode

Reddit Dark Mode has finally decided to roll out the most in-demand feature on its app. Yes, we are speaking about the Dark Mode on Reddit. The feature is being offered in the form of desktop Night Mode feature and the feature is being tested with the employees of the company.

Reddit has claimed that the Reddit dark mode already exists on the native mobile apps and the old desktop. The dark mode is one of the most sought after feature on almost all the applications these days and has been used quite widely by the users for the sheer battery saving that it offers and the associated benefits such as less stress on your eyes.

How to enable Reddit Dark Mode?

There are different methods you can employ for the Reddit dark mode on desktop and smartphone apps. Let us check out the steps in finer detail on each of those platforms.

Reddit Dark mode on Mobile Apps

The steps are almost similar to the Android and iOS apps for Reddit. Follow the steps here below to enable Reddit Dark mode –

  • Launch your Android or iOS Reddit mobile app
  • Click on your profile image. This will take you to the profile settings.
  • You should be able to locate the option to enable Reddit Dark mode instantly.

Reddit Dark mode

The night mode on your mobile app is instantly activated. The dark mode on Reddit will remain activated until you turn it off. You can deactivate the Reddit dark mode by going into the same settings and deactivate it.

How to enable Reddit Dark mode on the Reddit desktop?

Enabling the Reddit dark mode on the Reddit is rather easy and simple. Follow the steps here –

  • Visit the official Reddit app.
  • Locate your profile info from the top right corner
  • Click on it to access your settings.
  • You should find the option for Night Mode with a toggle associated with it.

Reddit Dark mode

  • Toggle the Night Mode and it will be activated instantly.

As with the mobile apps, the dark mode would stay working unless you turn it off.

Why should you opt for Reddit Dark Mode?

Dark mode on smartphone apps and websites has been something we have been finding a huge demand for. Almost all the major apps and websites have started launching dark modes on their smartphone apps and native websites.

The dark mode has been found to offer you an excellent functionality in letting you read in a more legible manner. In fact, the dark mode can be an excellent option to ease your readability. You will find it easier and simpler to read on a darker theme than on a white theme. This is more true in the case of using your laptop or smartphone at night. The dark mode or night mode can be helpful in easing pressure on your eyes.

Yet another advantage that the Reddit dark mode (or the dark mode on any other app) lies in the fact that it protects you from the harmful effects of the Blue-light. Scientific studies have proved that the Blue light can be extremely harmful to your eyes. They can considerably damage your cornea and can even cause sleep disorders. It can even result in severe issues related to your eyes and can even cause headaches.

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When you enable Reddit dark mode, you will end up reducing the harmful Blue light being emitted from your screen. This can further be helpful in letting you taking care of your eyes. The Reddit dark mode can make your brain differences between the two modes and this will not affect the body cycle.

Saving your battery is yet another added advantage that you stand to gain with Reddit dark mode or on any other app as such. The dark mode will let you save enough battery so that you will be in a better position to achieve better standards.

Well, those were a few of the advantages associated with the dark mode on Reddit. These reasons should definitely be the right option to enable the Reddit dark mode on your Reddit app or even on the website.

A Few FAQs about the Reddit dark Mode

Dark mode is being disabled automatically?

Reddit has recently added the automatic night mode on its Android app. That would mean, the app will switch automatically to dark mode during the night hours. You will need to disable the Auto Dark mode and enable the midnight AMOLED mode.

Reddit Dark mode

What is AMOLED Night Mode?

The AMOLED Night mode improves the dark mode by using pure blacks. This can be an excellent option to let you save your battery life to a better extent. The mode is a great option to save your battery on an AMOLED screen.

Does dark mode save your eyes?

The dark mode helps you reduce the strain on your eyes under low light conditions. A 100 percent contrast can cause a little concern when you have white letters on a purely darker theme can also be a little risky affair. Ideally, your eyes will be comfortable on a black text on a slightly yellowish background for simple and trouble-free readability.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, the Reddit dark mode is always been observed to be one of the excellent options for achieving an enhanced experience. Make sure that you have enabled the dark mode on Reddit by following the tutorial above and get access to an enhanced experience ever. A dark mode is an excellent option for your health requirements and even for an effective and efficient battery saving capability.

Just follow the tips above and get access to an enhanced experience in gaining a perfect Reddit browsing experience to the core.

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