Self-driving car technology: Are autonomous cars ready to hit the road

Self-driving car technology

Self-driving car technology


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In this blog we will discuss: 


1- Are self-driving cars safe on roads?

2- How are driverless cars beneficial?

3- Amazing features of the self-driving cars

4- What are some of the famous autonomous car companies?

5- Final thoughts


Are self-driving cars safe on roads?

Self-driving car technology

The high authorities and city managers are skeptical about autonomous cars and their safety. But, no one can deny the need for driverless cars as a human driver alternative. It is because human drivers are reckless sometimes and they are making mistakes that lead to severe accidents. These accidents claim thousands of lives every year. The traffic jam is also caused by reckless human drivers. 


How are driverless cars beneficial?


One of the most significant uses of self-driving cars is that they are much safer. These cars are equipped with modern cameras and sensors that are installed on the front and back of the vehicles. These sensors are quite helpful to check the distance between the front going car or to detect the objects in the surroundings. These sensors are also helpful to park the car automatically. Their high sensibility makes the car stop if there is a person, animal, or another vehicle in front of the car. 


Driverless cars will be the best option for people who can’t drive. Many people in the world can’t drive because of disability, any illness, disease, or especially in old age. Basically, the concept of autonomous cars was designed while keeping these needs into consideration. And, the google car covers more than 20 thousand miles in a day with a couple of accidents. 


Autonomous vehicles are more accurate than humans. Like human drivers are distracted because of their phones or they get tired especially while driving the long distance. Some accidents are caused by over speeding. But, self-driving cars are immune to all these different limitations. Unlike humans, these cars will be able to detect the issues before especially in the dark. 


The cars will also help to eliminate car collisions by using different sensors and light detection. The sensors will not only be able to recognize the presence of other automobiles but they will also detect the size and speed of the other cars. These intelligent cars will also be able to find the best route with less traffic by using advanced navigation systems. 


Amazing features of the self-driving cars

Self-driving car technology

The automakers have already introduced many tech-oriented features in modern cars. Yet, there is a lot more to witness in the upcoming years. Some of the most interesting features of self-driving cars are as follows: 


  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
  • Cloud system
  • Electric cars
  • Street Sign Recognition
  • Object or Collision Avoidance System 
  • Automatic parking
  • Advance navigation system
  • Backup Cameras
  • Lane Detection
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Automatic Emergency Braking System
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)


What are some of the famous autonomous car companies?

The concept of self-driving cars started as science fiction. But, this concept is not a fantasy anymore. Many famous car manufacturers such as Tesla and Uber are already trying to launch driverless cars for quite some years now. They are using computer operating systems and modern technologies to instruct the car to drive like humans. 


Although many companies are working on self-driving concepts, they are still not successful. Many companies are still stuck on level 4 and it may take some more years till they hit the road. 


Google autonomous cars hit the road almost 4 years before but as we mentioned before they are not completely done yet. They still need human drivers to monitor and control the automobile somehow. 

Self-driving car technology

Many car manufacturers are working with their IT partners to bring successful self-driving cars to the world. Some of the well-known companies that are in the main competition are:


1- Tesla

2- Waymo

3- GM Motors

4- Yandex

5- Uber

Final thoughts

We all are eagerly waiting for autonomous cars to launch successfully. Although, their complete benefits and powers will only be recognized when they will successfully hit the road. Also, these cars tend to be expensive for many people to buy at first as they will be equipped with all the latest features. Developed countries like the USA, UAE may offer these cars to rent for testing purposes after their launch. Also, if you are in Dubai and looking for a Monthly car rental company, choose Rentalcars UAE, and thank us later. This company is offering the best and most affordable services in the whole UAE. 

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