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TabSite was created as a solution to remove the need to know how to code to create a great-looking custom tab for Facebook pages. The TabSite Drag n Build platform provides users with powerful tools to easily create tabs and subpages within tabs that are visually appealing and socially engaging while being affordable for all businesses and organizations. With a wide range of tools that users can pull into tabs to use, including customizable features like Google Maps, email opt-in forms, and Facebook social plugins, TabSite Fanpages tabs are a great choice for increasing your capacity. Engage the audience

TabSite allows users to easily automate the publishing of their feeds (blog/RSS, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc.) so that they are constantly updated to their Facebook fan page every time they log in to one of these services. Nothing new to post, but it must have. Go ahead and don’t think you have to update. TabSite fan portals include advanced features like photo shows and displays for creating product and service slideshows, custom image uploads, page insights on tab view times, and Google Analytics and Facebook sharing features.

Facebook pages optimized with TabSite Timeline App Builder.

TabSite, the Facebook Page app creation platform that allows users to create custom tabs for the Facebook Page app, recently updated its Page admin area with new Facebook Timeline pages and tabs—redesigned to do nothing with the design. Used by over 70,000 small and medium businesses, TabSite Page Manager is an essential tool that helps users easily create attractive and socially engaging custom tab apps.

Key areas of the newly improved TabSite software include:

Tabs – where users can access any tab app they have created or created a new app.

Tools – where users can view a full range of widgets such as importing a blog feed, adding YouTube channels, running sweepstakes and more, depending on the plan level, widgets to unlock features to complete the build and Drag it to the tab work area. This feature is in their tabs.

Photos: A drag-and-drop interface allows users to create folders, delete photos, move photos within folders, and drag photos into the workspace to create custom layouts.

Layers allow users to design and create a pixel-perfect look for their tabs.

Templates – Freely available to all users for better and professional design.

And finally, My Subpages allow users to create multiple subpages in each tab app. Working in any tab app in TabSite Manager, users can access Likegate, create new subpages, view existing subpages, and view page insights. Publish and unpublish subpages; such portals are also available by selecting the Open/View page.

All these features work with Facebook’s new 810px display. As the Facebook Timeline API evolves, TabSite is expected to add more features to the TabSite admin area to give users more power to manage and control their Facebook Page widgets from within TabSite. For those interested, TabSite offers a free trial.

Grow leads online with TabSite.

If you have said, “I want to get more leads online, ” you are a good candidate for TabSite!

TabSite is our leading capture and promotion software that provides a variety of easy-to-use apps for blogs, websites or Facebook pages. Each app offers unique and powerful functionality that makes it easy to add additional features to your website or Facebook pages, such as contests, coupons, email marketing, and more.

Businesses can use apps to run online marketing campaigns and generate leads without going through web development.

Here are some case study examples:

In partnership with Motorist Insurance, Stoli Insurance Group held a contest on their agency’s Facebook page, searching four Ohio counties for the Stoli Hustle Player of the Year. Athletes from 14 schools in his district were nominated for “proving that they are willing to do whatever it takes to win.”

The hotel’s goal was to grow this community (Facebook fans) and create an email list for people interested in future nutrition marketing. How about adding 400 email addresses and over 400 new Facebook fans for someone!!

This summer is the perfect time to explore the possibilities of TabSite apps. Some clients are looking for ways to increase the number of visitors. In contrast, others may already have traffic but want to keep their site/pages fresh and interested enough to keep visitors coming back regularly. They want to do new activities and developments.

Easy competition

Facebook encourages companies to get creative with contests, but some limits change frequently. In the past, it also prohibited simple ‘likes’ for us to enter promotions, but now it only restricts business branding or posting on personal time. Short question. TabSite makes this process easy by offering a complete collection of contest apps, from photo contests to sweepstakes to video contests.

Social media on your website

While a Facebook presence is important for any company, not everyone is on the site, so smart companies should offer similar or unique content on Twitter, Pinterest or other popular channels. TabSite offers other useful apps for sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, that you can add to your website. There’s even a Pinterest page that showcases the creative ways users have used TabSite apps.

Check out the offer review

The Internet allows people to express their opinions and ask questions. This can be forums, blogs, or real review-focused sites like Yelp or Travelocity. With TabSite apps, page owners can easily allow site visitors to submit reviews and testimonials. Visitors may be able to share feedback immediately – especially if the manager or editor responds quickly – and the job may even end up with some great praise.

Most TabSite apps are plugging and play/drag and drop for desktop and mobile clients – no serious programming skills are required. If a user runs into any issues, there is also an online help area that can walk them through basic installation/development questions, discuss any challenges they face, and more. Share feedback with users. to compare

It is economical. TabSite offers several pricing plans and other options. Prices start at $29.95 per month for one app, then $59.95 for five apps, or $79.95 for unlimited apps. There are also plans for agencies, large corporations, and franchises.

So what are you waiting for? Add attention to your website and Facebook page with TabSite today. Our team can do that if you want to run a campaign just for yourself. Contact us to discuss your digital marketing needs!

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