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Tamilrockers you are a fan of South Indian movies, TamilRockers should be a great choice for almost all your expectations in getting the best experience in terms of an enhanced movie download and streaming experience. In fact, TamilRockers has been a prominent website for Tamil and Telugu movies and provides you access to several copyrighted movies.

The site does host a lot of content and has been quite popular in India and US. How to download movies using the TamilRockers website? We will try finding out.

What is Tamilrockers?

TamilRockers is one of the most popular and widely used movie downloading sites. In fact, the website provides you access to sharing the copyrighted content that includes TV shows, films, and videos. The service also provides you access to magnet links for downloading torrent files. It also lets you engage in peer to peer sharing.

With a view that the site is an illegal download site, it faces frequent issues from the authorities. For this reason, the site keeps changing the domain quite frequently. In essence, the site has been marked infamous by the film industry association MPAA.

What are the features provided by TamilRockers?

Tamilrockers does provide you access to several prime features to make it one of the enhanced and excellent services ever. Despite the fact that it is illegal, it does provide you access to a few advanced features making it a worthy option ever.

Some of the features we found interesting on the site would include-

  • You can download your movies for free.
  • You can pick the resolution you want to download the videos in.
  • It also offers you access to several Hollywood and Bollywood movies that you can download without hassles of any kind.
  • All the movies can be downloaded in HD quality. Of course, you also have the option of downloading the content in any other resolution such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • There are several language variants available to enjoy your movies to your heart’s content in different languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Tamilrockers Telugu, Marathi, Tamilrockers Kannada, and Punjabi to name just a few of them.
  • Live streaming is yet another practical option that lets you stream the movies if you do not want to download them.

How to download movies in Tamilrockers?

To download the movies from Tamilrockers, you will need to visit the official site. If the site is blocked in your region, you will need to use a proxy site or a VPN service so that the site is accessible to you.

As soon as you launch the site, you will have access to several sections on the site.


The Home section lists the latest movies and TV shows that have been added to the site.

The Forum section provides you a platform to discuss the options for your needs and expectations.

You also have an option to request the movies you want to download. The movie library is consistently updated, making it one of the most reliable options for almost all your needs for the latest movies that have not yet been added to the site.

Open the movie you want to download and scroll down. The section below the movie title provides you access to the information about the movie. This section can include information on the synopsis, plot and the star cast of the movie.

Scroll down further and you can get access to the torrent and magnet links. Based on which form of downloading you have chosen, you can simply follow the instructions available on your screen and download the movies.

Is Tamilrockers legal?

No, Tamilrockers is not legal in any way and it will never be legal. The movies and shows that Tamilrockers hosts on its site are copyright protected. Copying and distributing someone else’s content is completely illegal.

Making a movie does take a lot of effort and money. These sites can be a great means of getting rich quickly, but they can indeed end up having you face serious consequences.

How dos Tamilrockers get new releases?

Well, most of the time, the movies are recorded when they are being shown in a theatre. They ideally make use of the movie theatres that do not have much of the security protocols, and make people sneak in with their own camera and simply record the movie.

Yet another technique that they may be using can include playing the movie on a streaming service such as Amazon Prime Video or even on Netflix and use a screen recording software to record the movie along with the audio.

Is Tamilrockers banned in India?

Yes, not only Tamilrockers but almost all the websites that deal in illegal movie downloads are banned in India. However, despite the fact that they are a band, you can` make use of a few techniques to run them on your browser.

You can make use of VPN services and proxy sites to get access to Tamilrockers or similar other sites with ease and simple steps. At times, these websites change the domain and are presented to the users as if nothing has happened. The website keeps working until Google (or other search engines) and the government authorities crack down on them. If they are caught again, they will change the domain and keep operating further. This is a huge circle and cannot be practically stopped.

The Concluding Thoughts

Tamilrockers is your one-stop solution for almost all your experience in an improved and perfect level of an enhanced and improved service quality with respect to a host of movies that you can download and enjoy.

However, do note that the service in itself is a little on the wrong side of the law and it would be ideal to take care when using those services. Ensure your safety by using a reliable VPN service.

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