Tips for Taking the Scrum Master Exam

Scrum Master Exam

Scrum Master Exam is a type of certification that is for people with knowledge and experience of Agile techniques like kanban, statistical techniques, etc. The certification, tests, and allied management is headed by the Scrum alliances. Scrum Alliance certifications are a category of certifications that certify a candidate as capable of handling tasks based on principles of Agile. These include a range of certificates that include foundation levels, advanced levels, and professional level certificates like –CSM Certification, A – CSM, CSP – SM, CSPO, CSD, etc.

These certificates have been divided into 3 different categories:-

Scrum Master Track: – it consists of certificates like CSM, A-CSM, etc.

Product owner track: – It includes CSPO, A – CSPO, etc.

Developer track: – it includes CSD, etc.

These are generally valid for a period of two years, at the end of which the individual is expected to deposit the renewal fees or take the test again.

Why Scrum Master?

Scrum Master Exam allows achieving a certificate on the basis of your agile knowledge and experience. It testifies and certifies the intellect an individual holds on the various principles of Agile like 5S, Kanban, Gemba, statistical calculations, etc.


Needless to say, it improves the job facilities open to you. Scrum Master is the basis of working efficiently of any process, be it household chores, as it aims to decrease wastes in any cost-effective way possible and thus is applicable to any type of job all over the world irrespective of the company.


It also improves the chances of your getting selected in interviews. Any company will prefer a certified and trained professional over an uncertified applicant for obvious reasons.


A higher salary than was earlier being provided. Being certified personnel that helps a company minimize losses and maximize profit while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction, a salary hike is the least to aim for.


Recognition from authorities. The general employee hierarchy is based upon seniority in any company. But employees that help others are the eye-catchers and thus are held in high esteem owing to their high level of knowledge.


Prerequisites: – a secondary degree, 21 hours of formal agile education, 2000 hours of general project experience, and 1500 hours of project experience that are based on agile.

The test is for 1 hour and consists of 50 multiple choice type questions. It requires a passing score of 74% to achieve the certificate.

Although the best course to crack the Scrum master test is only of a span of 16 hours, it may take up to months for individuals to get acquainted with the Agile principles.

Taking an average of 8 hours of work per day and 5 working days in a week of any regular employee, we come to the standstill of a minimum of two years (approximately) to achieve the minimum bars of experience of project management required. Thus along with proper preparation and experience gaining, we come to the conclusion that Scrum Master takes a minimum of 2 years for the certification process owing to the rigorous work hours needed to be achieved before one can appear for the test or be thorough with Agile in other words.

The certificate itself is valid for two years, beyond which the candidate has to take a retest. At best, a renewal requires SEUs to be achieved all over the span of the 2 years validity and only those 2 years by various methods. SEUs can be gained by self-study, training sessions, work experience, etc. a minimum of 20 SEUs are required for renewals of Scrum Certifications depending on the levels.

Scrum Master Exam Alliances Certifications are the best type of certifications as they are not tailored to fit any standardized size but come in a one size fits all package, irrespective of their cost, validity, and toughness. The principles of agile can well be employed in daily life to make it simpler, effective, and cost-efficient. Besides, many companies prefer hiring certified and trained professionals for the tasks and projects regardless of the purposes of their end results. Learn scrum master basics for free to know more about Agile Scrum applications, their best practices, and sprint planning and review.

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