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Name Your Business Coming up with a name is arguably one of the toughest parts of forming a business. “Naming a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a building,” explained Phil Davis, the founder of Tungsten Branding to Entrepreneur. “Once it’s in place, the entire foundation and structure are aligned to that original stone.” Therefore, not only does it have to be unique, but also an accurate representation of what you do.

However, it’s important to remember that the process of naming your business doesn’t end with just finding a suitable name. After all, you will likely experience some hiccups when registering your business due to the vast number of businesses already created. ZenBusiness explains that your state may have different regulations for business names, and often, for LLCs, these include provisions like:

• Being different from any other LLCs operating in the state.
• Not violating the trademarks of another company, and
• Not containing certain words like, “bank,” “insurance,” or “corporation.”

When naming your business, make sure you do ample research to ensure that your business name follows whatever regulations your state upholds. This will save you plenty of time later on.

Name Your Business If you’re having trouble coming up with a name that adheres to both what you stand for and protocols that the federal government has put into place, then it might be a good idea to consult a couple of business name generators on the web. Here are six of our favorite ones:


Oberlo’s name generator is one of the easiest to use, not to mention with the most results. All you have to do is enter keywords that are related to your business, including your core principles and the items you sell, click “generate names,” and you’ll get pages of suggestions.


Shopify is best for e-commerce businesses. After you select a business name, the site automatically allows you to sign up for a Shopify account, which is arguably one of the most prevalent e-commerce platforms to date. The platform comes with its own name generator so you are guaranteed a unique title for your company.

Cool Name Ideas

If you’re looking for, well, cool business name ideas, then this generator might help. Instead of keywords, it asks you for specific business details like the type of customers that you’re targeting, your brand “personality,” and more. It then displays a list of names that contain potential labels within the style you’re looking for.

Speaking of unique business names, can generate not just a list of exact names, but other variations of it too. This includes but is not limited to: synonyms, other languages, and even rhymes. You can even designate a root word or letter, and it’ll give you a substantial list of suggestions to consider.

Name Mesh

One of the biggest factors when choosing a business name is its ability to compete in popular keyword searches on the net. Once you’ve done your keyword research, this name generator displays available business names for you based on the exact keywords that you type in.

Brand Root

Brand Root doesn’t generate names, but it does provide you a list of professionally curated ones. Therefore, expect all of its suggestions to be search engine competitive and unique. They even have ready-made logos to use. It’s free to search, but you’ll have to pay the creators if you want to use any of the listed names since they have branding attached to them.

Besides, there are a lot of free design apps like Logo Maker to help you in this aspect.

Name Your Business Whether you use these sites to generate the name you want or look to them for inspiration is totally up to you. Again, as long as whatever you come up with is a perfect representation of what your business offers, then it’s an excellent name.

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