Why Should I Use an Interview Platform to Grow my Business?

Grow my Business

Business are many job seekers that are sending applications in a very competitive job market and businesses must select the best candidates from the big pool. However, selecting the best fit for the role may not be an easy thing if hirers use traditional recruitment methods. Luckily, leading interviewing technology such as interviewstream can reveal the right candidates much quicker from that pile of resumes on your table. If your business needs qualified applicants to join the team, then you cannot afford to miss the opportunity this technology presents. Interview software platforms will allow your business to streamline the vetting and screening process as well as improve your candidate search. Additionally, using these platforms to expedite the process will allow your business to:

Strengthen your brand
You can maintain a strong business brand by using a customised platform that includes the branding videos of the company, which can help the candidates feel welcome and valued. Moreover, it will increase the chances that the candidate will come for face-to-face screening if they are invited. When you customise your recruitment platform, you are reinforcing the strong image and impression of your brand and assuring candidates that you are friendly, warm and will promote their growth in the company.

Screen candidates more effectively
In most screening sessions, the candidates answer similar questions and the employers get the chance to compare the answers. Moreover, when you see a candidate through a video screening session, you will be able to gauge their enthusiasm and engagement, which is not possible through phone screening or written tests. Additionally, hiring through the platform will allow your business to save energy, time and transport costs, which will in turn allow you to review your candidates faster.

Promote smoother collaborations among staff
The other team members can view, assess, and comment on videos of some applicants. They can also give their feedback on specific applicants. The platform makes this process easier by centralising the applicants’ photos, resumes, profiles and videos.

You will screen candidates faster
If the hiring process is slow, some talented candidates may take up offers from other employers before you’ve finished. The good news is, hiring platforms speed up the processes. The candidates can be screened using both live and pre-recorded video sessions. The pre-recorded sessions can be done without the participation of the recruiter. The candidates will record themselves while answering questions and the recruiters can review the questions during their free time. On the other hand, recruiters participate in live interviews, but they do it from the comfort of their own offices. Therefore, they can avoid time-consuming tasks like booking a conference room for the meeting or printing the candidate’s documents.


Businesses should start using software platforms to get great employees from the huge pool of candidates because it makes hiring easier. It will also strengthen your brand, allow you to screen applicants more effectively, promote collaborations among staff and allow you to fill positions faster. If businesses want to remain ahead of their competitors and secure the best applicants, they should use special hiring platforms.

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