Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 21st november 2023 episode written updates:-


Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023, Akshara requests the inspector to Catch Yuvraj, who obediently leaves to  complete her request. Akshara expresses her  gratitude for his  backing and support. Abhira declares their  purposefulness to battle and win the case. Kipling reminds them not to lose hope. Manish’s  studies  directly turn to Abhira, causing him concern. Surekha seeks  explanation from him and Suwarna  respects Abhira’s lovely  tone. Manish feels a  relation to her and hopes for her  security.

Suwarna agrees, recalling their brush with Abhira and her  mommy at the resort. Still, they were  unfit to meet her  mommy, a  special destiny.

Akshara inquires about any updates from the resort staff  noticing the  woeful  things that  passed there. Abhira confirms that  setups have been made for the cremation  ceremonies, as the police  come with Yuvraj in tow. Yuvraj sarcastically requests Akshara’s blessing for a grander  marriage before  raining flowers on Abhira. repulsed by his  conduct, Akshara instructs the inspector to take him into  guardianship, while she discusses the coming  way with the inspector. Meanwhile, Yuvraj continues to  kill Abhira. Yuvraj lets out a whoosh upon spotting Abhira and teases her.

Jagrat joins them and issues a warning about Akshara, causing Abhira to become anxious.

Yuvraj gets discharged from jail after some time,  dumbfounding  Abhira and Akshara. He asks them not to take  stress. He suggested to Abhira to get a facial  before their wedding. He says that Akshara ca n’t get him  caught up. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 21st november, Abhira tells that she’ll wait for him in the court. They challenge Yuvraj. He says that it’ll be  delightful to fight the ladies. Rohit and Armaan play chess and  bandy the case. Armaan wants Rohit to win. Dadi is happy to see them. Armaan gave tips to Rohit to win the case. He defeats Rohit in the game. Dadi wants Rohit to learn to win. She grows  upset for Rohit’s future.

Rohit gives his bike to Armaan. Armaan asks Rohit  if he likes someone .

Rohit replies that he’ll  bandy it  later. Armaan is agitated to meet Ruhi. He does n’t  expose this to Rohit. Abhira requests akshara to leave Mussoorie and asks to go to Delhi.

Akshara missed the family members she had lost. Grief reflects in her eyes. She refuses to run down. Abhira loves Akshara and is  hysterical  about her life.

Akshara says to Abhira to look at Smita, who had come here for honeymoon with her husband and turned into a widow. She can imagine Smita’s pain.

She asks Abhira not to get  spooked by anyone, but to fight the wrong people and injustice.

Abhira says that they will take Smita with them . until they win the case they will fight for justice. Akshara says that they’ve to fight their fear first.

She asks Abhira to leave her LLB dreams if she’s  spooked. Abhira supports her. She says that she’ll leave  once they win the case and get justice for Smita. Ruhi is agitated to meet Armaan.

Manish asks Surekha not to suspect Ruhi. He trusts Ruhi.

Suwarna is  hysterical  that Ruhi might fall for the wrong person. Rohit teases Armaan about Ruhi  and says that they will go on a double date if his marriage gets fixed. Armaan likes the idea and leverages him. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023

Abhira tells Akshara that she has defamed Yuvraj on social media. Yuvraj learns about the viral  videotape and grows  upset. Jagrat asks him to rush down from the media. He worries for Yuvraj and approaches Sanjay. He speaks to Sanjay and asks him to  shoot Armaan Poddar to defend Yuvraj’s case.

Sanjay assures that his  establishment will save Yuvraj. He calls Armaan, who’s decorating the table with flowers. Armaan waits for Ruhi. Sanjay processes him home and asks him to leave his work. Armaan calls Ruhi to inform her that he has to leave for a critical case. Ruhi arrives there and gets Armaan’s communication. He thinks of meeting her. He reaches home. Sanjay hands over Mussoorie’s tickets.

Armaan says that he has to go for some work. Sanjay asks him to  concentrate on the important case. Armaan refuses to go. Dadi does n’t let Armaan refuse. Dasi tells him to get pride for the family. Ruhi calls Armaan. She’s sure that he’ll come. Dadi asks Armaan to keep her faith.

Armaan ignores Ruhi’s calls. He accepts Dadi’s request. He leaves for Mussoorie. Arman forgot to inform Ruhi about his Mussoorie trip. His phone turns off.   Armaan takes Sanjay’s phone to make a call, but does n’t flash back  Ruhi’s number. Ruhi loses heart when the delay gets  norway – ending. She says that Armaan ca n’t  fail him. Abhira prays that Akshara defeats Yuvraj’s  counsel. Armaan tries to charge his phone. Arman’s phone falls on the road and gets burst. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 24 november 2023

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 21st november, Ruhi is asked to leave after the booking time is over. Sanjay suggests Armaan to get a new phone. He urges Armaan to catch the flight. Armaan regrets that he  dumped Ruhi on their date. He promises to come back . Ruhi is in gashes when she walks out of the café.

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