How to Rank YouTube Videos

How to Rank YouTube Videos

How to Rank YouTube Videos every one of you is connected with social media. Many of you are YouTubers and do daily blogging. Many streams live videos also and want to be social media influencers. You post your daily blogs but you are unable to increase your views and subscribers. Every generation can join this platform for showing their talents to their fans. Many of you share your daily lifestyle. But you are not able to get popular in this field.

Following the Guidance

Now you have a question in your mind that how to rank Youtube videos? We are here to guide you with it. If you want to increase your views in your videos you need to put the SEO to work for it. Many of you have a question like what is SEO, its actually a process of optimizing your videos content, playlists and media Data and also channels for search engine. It helps you to improve the ranking on Youtube search, google search, and also many searches engine. Google has taken Youtube in two-thousand-ten and has also made changes to its search algorithm which is similar to google, it means that SEO techniques can be used but Youtube has its opportunities for search optimization.

Working of YouTube Algorithm

Now one question appears on your mind that how the YouTube algorithm works, Google’s ownership of YouTube resources two searches of powerhouses that can easily share the wealth of data and also make their algorithm work together just to serve you the appropriate results. And the biggest benefit of the collaboration is the video uploads on YouTube which are automatically uploaded in google. It eliminates the usual waiting time for the bot to crawl your video and the need of submitting a new How to Rank YouTube Videos each time.

Proper Growth of YouTube

With this smart benefit, you get to see real growth on you-tube, still, your strategy should include SEO techniques. The search boat can’t watch videos by themselves they only indicate the type of video. While having all aspects of your video content, the well-optimized gives the search engine the best chance for indexing and ranking the videos up. The main thing about the video is the description, titles, and tags. Many YouTubers are there who don’t understand the importance of accessibility like transcripts and closed caption which helps to improve the user’s experience, watch time, engagements, and SEO.

Essential Steps to Follow

There are some steps which you need to follow for increasing views and ranks on your you-tube channel which are researching on you-tube keywords, look after the video file name, descriptions, titles, and tags carefully, and should always add transcripts and closed captions, categorize your video, also add you-tube cards and end screens, also include a customized video thumbnail, make links for your channel and your videos, so that you can share it, use the playlists and promote your videos.

Points to Follow

  • Research of you-tube keywords- it’s the first step on SEO strategy. The targeting keywords help the How to Rank YouTube Videos content to stay applicable for getting easily found on the search engine. The keywords which you choose accurately describe the content of your video and agree through the search terms which people use to find your video.


  • Optimizing the video file name and titles, tags, and descriptions: for the type of your video, you should try to include your keywords naturally, the most important thing is that the eyes are strained to the title which controls the factor that will someone clicks your video or not. So, for this reason, your title should be compelling, clear, and concise. Keywords play an important role in your video’s titles. When you are adding tags, it means you are adding a great way to give more context to yourHow to Rank YouTube Videos You can also look for the tags which are used in the competing videos to add to your videos. You can also download the extensions from chrome like tags for you-tube which will also allow you to watch your competitor’s tags. Your video description has a limitation of thousand characters. If you include longer descriptions you-tube will only show the first hundred characters. And then the viewers will have to click on show more.

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  • Adding transcripts and closed captions- it often gets used to you-tube for understanding your video in a better way. You may want to add your subtitles and closed caption on your video, you need to upload the maintained text record. You can directly enter the record text for your video and get auto-sync with the video. Always make sure you go back to the video and watch it to check that they are in sync and also accurate.


  • Adding the you-tube cards and end screens- the you-tube cards are an interactive feature that can be added to your video and it also encourages your viewers or your subscribers to take action like watching another video or any other playlists, donating on nonprofit, visiting another link, answering a pool and also discovering another How to Rank YouTube Videos channel.


  • Categorizing the video when you upload your video, it gets easily categorized under an advanced setting and gets to group your video with the other similar contents and it will get end up on another playlist. The you-tube creator’s academy suggests you a process to find the correct category for your video. You just need to find out that what is working well for the category. Always look after that what is working well for the creator in the category, who are the top creators, and for what reason they are well known, if you follow these, it will be easy for you to put your video in the appropriate category.


  • A customized thumbnail is mandatory, mainly for the viewers so that they can click on your video and watch it. The viewers will see your images for the thumbnail. So biased on the thumbnail we would always recommend you to use the image.


  • Create links for your video so that you can share it on your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. You can even share it with your friend and family. The viewers will just enter the link and will get to see your video and even your you-tube page.


  • Promoting your videos is the most important part of increasing your subscribers and admirers.

For getting popular on this platform follow these steps, you will surely get to achieve your goal.

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