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Benton County prison inmates are receiving their mail electronically, which has cut down one-way capsules or any contraband receives into the power.

Mail device

smartjailmail own family and buddies with inmates, prisoners, and detainees in correctional establishments the use of a fast, low price and clean apply -manner e-mail style electronic messaging gadget, in step with the provider.

The jail is using SmartJailMail. The program lets inmates communicate with family and friends who open an account with the carrier, Jenkins stated.

Jenkins stated the provider started out Jan. 1

The inmates no longer receive mail from the circle of relatives and buddies on the prison and it reduces out one manner contraband ought to get into the prison.

Each inmate has an account and circle of relatives contributors or buddies can installation their personal accounts freed from price, Jenkins stated.

Clever Communications runs MailGuard at the side of SmartJailMail’s messaging gadget, consistent with Correctional information, an e-book dedicated to correctional facility construction, preservation, and operations.

Aol login mail gets the inmate postal mail at a neighborhood put-up office and the inmate’s mail is scanned into a digital document and sent to his or her SmartJailMail account, in line with Correctional news.

Inmates can read their messages on capsules or Kiosks, but Jenkins stated inmates inside the Benton County prison can only view their mail on kiosks due to the fact inmates don’t have drugs.

There are forty-five kiosks within the prison. As of Friday afternoon, there have been 575 inmates inside the jail.

Jenkins stated there may be no cost to the prison.

Inmates, along with their circle of relatives and pals, pay 50 cents per message, the same cost as an exceptional postage stamp, Jenkins stated. It prices a circle of relatives individuals and friends of inmates $1 to send a picture to an inmate.

Jenkins stated there’s simplest one price. As an instance, if a member of the family sends a message the inmate isn’t always charged 50 cents for commencing the message. It’s equal when an inmate will pay the 50 cents to ship a message — the individual that gets it does not need to pay to open the message.

Inmates don’t have to get entry to print pics, Jenkins stated.

Jenkins said inmates can ship as many messages as they need as long as they have the money in their money owed.

Own family participants or friends with accounts pay 50 cents in keeping with a message and $1 to ship pics, Jenkins stated. Inmates can send messages, however not pics. Human beings can installation an account free of charge and every inmate has an account, she said.

Correctional information pronounced in October that SmartJailMail changed into the primary digital messaging gadget utilized in county prisons.

Inmates can nevertheless mail letters, but many opt for electronic mail because they could obtain a response faster than ready days for traditional mail, Jenkins said.

Lt. Cody Burk of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s workplace stated they’re inquisitive about the generation and feature looked at several providers, but there are not any plans to alternate the prison’s mail gadget. Burk stated they have a clerk who opens and exams the mail for contraband and the mail is then given to inmates.

Inmates within the Washington County prison receive mail thru the postal provider, but which could change.

Maj. Randall Denzer with the Washington County Sheriff’s workplace said they’re looking at two structures, and he expects a choice quickly.

The biggest motive for the exchange is to prevent drugs from stepping into the jail, according to Denzer.

Denzer stated using one of the offerings ought to unfastened help for different tasks.

Smart Communications is very sorry there is confusion and really sorry to pay attention a person is the use of your credit card without your authorization. But, your statements are honestly false. We are a huge enterprise with over a 10-year history of being shriveled to offer investigative and communication offerings to regulation enforcement agencies. We do no longer have something to do with stolen credit cards. If someone has stolen your credit score card, please deal with this concern with your financial institution and use the right channels to have it corrected. Additionally, your assertion that you tried to contact our enterprise to no avail is honestly no longer real.

Lets US study a number of THE capabilities OF smart jail MAIL

At ease Platform: smart prison Mail is an easy platform in which inmates can touch their circle of relatives contributors and their own family members can securely touch their inmates. All you need to do is, join up for smart jail Mail and search for Any inmate you want to touch and ship the request.

Entire digitalization Of information: over 60 Connectional facilities everywhere in the u.S. Of the USA have taken The services of smart communications. They had been able to put off Paper Mail completely and additionally help digitalized, medical and communique features of inmates.


Entire automation: clever jail Mail can electronically digitalize all custom-made paper forms. These also include requests And queries Automating the entire technique of communique inner a facility.

Removing contraband: With the assist of clever jail Mail. Prisons and correctional centers throughout the united states Have additionally removed foremost issues and protection loopholes that each correctional organization has struggled within view that the start of incarceration. A number of these encompass contraband, hard work, and mystery verbal exchange made thru inmate Postal Mail.

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Complete surveillance And monitoring machine: Smartjailmail.Com is a very monitored website. In which each conversation is First despatched through a sequence of scans For specified keywords.  All of the emails are stored for every inmate and they may be searchable through the company team of workers at each time or any region.

We aid law enforcement in addition to the network and inmates presently incarcerated. We donate hundreds of thousands in free communication every year to each inmate that has to get the right of entry to our device, so no inmates are left behind or unable to talk with the circle of relatives. We are hoping this clears up any misunderstanding about smart Communications and our offerings.

How SmartJailMail Works

SmartJailMail.Com uses a safe and comfy two-manner electronic messaging software program designed in particular for speaking with inmates, prisoners, and detainees in correctional establishments. This permits those who are incarcerated or detained to communicate properly and speedily with a circle of relatives and pals outdoor of the jail, prison, or penitentiary. They can send and acquire digital letters by the use of a safe and at ease laptop kiosk or pill stationed of their institution. Each message prices just 50 cents that’s cheaper than a postage stamp and envelope. The message may be sent with postage paid and may be free to open and read for the recipient. Or, the message can be sent gather / “COD” totally free and could be paid for via the recipient. To ship or receive a message you should open a SmartJailMail.Com account, this method is short and smooth simply observe those easy steps…

  1. Join up

Growing an account is rapid, simple, and completely loose. We will ask you to select a username and password to perceive your account together with a few fundamental touch facts. We will send you an email to verify and prompt your account. There is no fee to create an account and search for inmates, prisoners, or detainees to hook up with.

  1. Make Connections

Once you’ve got installed an account, you could look for inmates, prisoners, or detainees to connect with. As soon as you’ve got located a character that you would love to connect to, you could send them a connection request. They may want to approve the request earlier than you could send messages.

  1. Buy Message credits

As soon as you’ve got hooked up a connection with an inmate, prisoner, or detainee, you may send and obtain messages electronically. Message credits may be bought through the internet web site the use of a first-rate credit or debit card. Message credit costs 50 cents each with a minimal buy of 10 credit. You should buy as many credits as you want and use them at any time. You may also transfer credits to your contacts so that they can without problems reply to your messages.

  1. Start Sending Messages!

Once you’ve got purchased message credits, you can send and receive digital messages. That is just like sending an e-mail, besides it’s far contained inside the SmartJailMail.Com internet website. Messages can be introduced right away or can be held for overview depending on the destination facility. Digital messages are delivered a whole lot faster than traditional paper mail to the correctional facility so that you can stay related.

The inspiration, which VA doc did no longer in the long run pursue, does no longer give an explanation for in detail how clever Communications’ platform works, it commonly lists its competencies and fees. VA document opted to spend approximately $7 million a year on an in-house answer of photocopying and shredding all mail before turning in the copied model to people in jail. But Pennsylvania did signal an agreement with smart Communications, via an emergency procurement manner, due to a controversial and contested claim of a surge in mail being laced with artificial marijuana.

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