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Ullu app

The growth of streaming services in recent times has been quite outstanding. The lockdowns and work from home scenarios have further made it one of the prime options to watch a host of web series from home. Ullu App has been one of the excellent options for enhanced streaming efficiency.

What is Ullu?

Ullu App is one of the prime and efficient online streaming services and hosts a wide range of web series and other TV shows for a monthly subscription. The app specifically went popular doing the pandemic days and lockdowns.

Black light app is available both on Android and iOS. Of course, you may not get the app on the official app stores and would need to get the app from third-party sources. However, the app has now been made available on the app stores ever since it has been able to garner huge popularity.

Ullu hosts a wide range of shows in practically every genre that includes Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller and Comedy. The service has gone popular with its emphasis on erotica, making it one of the exciting and excellent options ever.

The features offered on Ullu App

The Ullu app rose to popularity with the erotica series during the recent pandemic lockdown. However, of late, it is making an attempt at moving away from being stereotyped as the streaming service specifically designed for erotica alone. They have been making good investments in producing and sourcing a few good shows far away in content – focusing on meaningful content other than erotica alone.

Some of the features that should make it one of the thoughtful options for the best in terms of the live streaming services can be summarised as –

  • Indulge in binge-watching of all your favorite shows.
  • You can enjoy your favorite shows in your favorite language making it all the more interesting and rewarding
  • You can enjoy unlimited streaming at an affordable subscription per year.
  • The personalized collection as per your geographical location.
  • You can even download the videos for offline viewing on the go.
  • The membership plans are tailored to suit your individual preferences. You can choose a plan that meets your preferences.
  • Unlimited downloads and streaming in HD available all through 24 x 7
  • The content can be viewed from anywhere.

The Ullu Subscription Plans

You can become a subscriber or member by making the payment for a plan as per your individual preferences.

  • Five Days Plan – The 5-day plan is available at a price of Rs 36. You can get unlimited downloads and stream for 5 days. Do note that this is a limited period offer and may be withdrawn shortly
  • Three months – The plan is available at Rs 99.
  • Half Yearly Plan – The plan charges are Rs. 144.
  • Annual plan – The plan changes would be Rs 198 for a year.

All the plans except the five-day plan come with a cashback of up to Rs. 99 from Paytm.

How to download Ullu App?

Ullu app is available for download on several app stores and third-party sources. You can download the app at your convenience in tune with which operating system you are on.

For Android users, the app is available either on Google Play Store or Amazon app store. The app can also be downloaded and installed on your Amazon devices such as Amazon Firestick for enjoying your favorite shows.

If you are on Amazon, you can check out the Amazon App Store. The app can be downloaded on your Google devices through this link.

The service has a collaboration with the MX Player app and you can watch all the Ullu shows on MX Player. You can download MX Player onto your device from the respective app stores.

A few great shows on Ullu App you can enjoy

A few popular shows on Ullu you would find impressive can include

  • MeToo

One of the most popular drama series on Ullu TV, the show belongs to the category of thriller and Erotica. The show is based on the popular #MeToo movement and portrays the story of an actress for whom the price for fame is too heavy.

  • Halala

The show is based on the controversial issue of  Triple Talaq and belongs to the adult, drama, and romance genres. The story raises the voice against social issues such as triple talaq and Halala ritual. It went extremely popular and went extremely popular.

  • The Bull of Dalal Street

The story is based on the biggest stock market scam in India. The storyline contains drama, romance, and erotica. It is one of the rags to riches stories that provide a great degree of entertainment value.

  • RitiRiwaz

It is one of the most awaited erotic web series ever. It has been something people have long been waiting for. It focuses on the sexual desires and fantasies of women. It explains the sexual desires a woman may have and to what extent she can go to satisfy her needs.

The Concluding Thoughts

Ullu app download is indeed something that would provide you a truly enhanced experience in terms of the best possible entertainment whether in terms of erotic content or otherwise. The service has produced a few shows and series that talk a lot about social injustice and other controversial issues.

The service has however run into several controversies for airing heavily erotic content and also for showing hinduphobic content. It has also been criticized for showing the Indian culture in the wrong light. However, of late, the service has been investing in developing better content.

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