What Are the Best Degree Subjects for Jobs Prospects?

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Deciding what subject to study is a big decision to make, no matter if you are studying for a year, for an undergraduate degree, or for a master’s, the undertaking can represent a big investment, both of your time and your finances. Of course, you will want to choose to study a subject that you have a genuine interest in and passion for. That being said, it is also useful to spend some time researching the potential job prospects of different degree subjects so that you can be sure you are making the right investment.

The list below outlines some of the top subjects in terms of job prospects.

  1. Data Science

It is a commonly accepted fact that data is now more valuable than gold, and for a good reason. Data has the power to drive decision making which can push innovations, expand markets and drive business success. However, data does not just magically appear out of the digital cloud; data sciences are vital to ensure that your businesses are able to access and utilize data effectively.

Data science is not a common undergraduate subject, but there are very high-quality online masters in data science that you can study. During a data science master’s, you will learn critical skills such as machine learning, tableau, big data, and data visualization. This can prepare you for a wide range of jobs, including:

  • Artificial intelligence research scientists
  • Big data engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Computer scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data architect
  • Data manager
  • Data scientist
  • Database engineer
  • Director of data science
  1. Education

Education has one of the highest rates of employment out of all subjects. The main reason why education has such as high rate of graduate employment is due to the focused nature of the subject. Namely, people who study education have one focus in mind after graduation, that is, to become a teacher. Whether you are looking to go into teaching in primary or secondary schools, studying education is one of the quickest and most effective ways of getting your teaching career started.

  1. Mathematics

While mathematics graduates do not have the highest employment rate after graduation, they tend to go into work that has some of the highest starting salaries around. Studying mathematics helps you to learn logical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis skills, all of which are hugely valuable in the world of work.

Some of the most popular jobs for mathematics graduates include:

  • A financial trader
  • A financial manager
  • An accountant
  • An analyst
  • Cybersecurity
  • A tax consultant
  • A software engineers
  • A quantity surveyor
  • An operational researcher
  • A machine learning engineer
  • A game designer
  1. Law

Law is one of those subjects, like education, that typically leads to a set career path; however, this does not need to be the case. While the majority of law students do go on to work in the legal field, this is not the case for all graduates. Studying law provides you with a number of skills, such as critical thinking, memory, communication skills, and intelligence. This applied with working knowledge of the law means the graduates are popular in industries such as human rights and NGOs as well as in consultancy and international business management.

  1. Medicine Related Subjects

When you think of studying medicine, you are likely to consider some of the classics like medicine or nursing; however, there is a wide range of subjects within the medicine-related fields. For example, you could study medical management or radiology. The majority of medicine-related subjects have a high rate of employment. This is because the skills that you will learn when you are studying a medicine-related degree subject will provide you with the knowledge you will need to go into a specific career. Since the demand for medicine-related services is not set to decline any time soon, this choice of related degree subject is sure to continue to lead to positive employment prospects.

Some ofthe medicine-related subjects that you could choose to study include:

  • Sonography
  • Radiology
  • Midwifery
  • Psychologist
  • Paramedicine
  • Research science
  • Bio-medical science
  1. Architecture

Architecture is another great degree in terms of job prospects, but while architecture comes with a high graduate employment rate, this only applies after the student has studied at the graduate level. This is because in order to work legally, as a fully qualified graduate, you need to have studied for a certain period of time. However, once you have achieved the relevant qualifications, then architecture has one of the highest levels of graduate employment.

  1. Social Studies

Social studies are another one of those subjects that can help you to work in a very specific industry. Studying social studies will provide you with critical skills that can be hugely beneficial when it comes to finding a job in the care industry. However, students of social studies don’t only go into work in the social care industry but also in politics or economics too.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is another very useful subject for anyone who is interesting in choosing a subject that offers promising job prospects after graduation. Studying engineering will provide you with very valuable skills such as logical thinking, problem-solving, analytical thinking, project management, and research capabilities. There is a high demand for graduates who are looking to work in the world of engineering.

Some of the most popular jobs for engineering graduates include:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Clinical technologist
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Lawyer
  • Acoustic consultant
  1. Agriculture

Agriculture is not the most common of degree choices, but for those who do choose to study the subject brings very promising job prospects. Food is vital for all life on the planet, but consumers are becoming increasingly aware there needs to be big changes in the way that Food is being produced. Studying agriculture can help you to learn the skills that you need to gain employment after graduation and push the agriculture field forward into a more sustainable future.

  1. Physical Sciences

Studying physical sciences will provide you with a strong academic background that you can use to gain employment in a wide range of different industries. Some of the most popular industries for physical science graduates include business, finance, information technology, and the engineering sectors.

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