whatsapp international calls

WhatsApp international calls

Today have unlimited calls and free long-distance phone options and you do not need to spend much on the domestic calls. However, this may not be true when it comes to handling your calls to a foreign country. International calls still cost a fortune and something people have still been averse to.

Thankfully, there are other ways you can make international calls without incurring heavy costs. We will check out how to make WhatsApp international calls without incurring extra costs.

WhatsApp has been one of the most incredible apps that have ever happened to us. What began as mere instant messaging service has now moved ahead to become a prominent service in varied service offerings. It now lets you make both voice and video calls with ease. You do not necessarily need to spend any money for the purpose.

Can you make free WhatsApp international calls?

WhatsApp uses the internet through either WiFi or Mobile data for connecting to your near or dear ones – whether through the messages, voice calls, or video calls.

While it would be good enough for making WhatsApp International calls to mobile numbers saved on your phone, it may not be practical enough when you do not have the number saved to your contacts list on your phone. Yet another shortcoming with respect to the WhatsApp international calls lies in the fact that a call cannot be placed to a landline number.

There are a few points you would need to take note of when making WhatsApp international calls –

  • The WhatsApp international calls are lowed only from a WhatsApp account to another WhatsApp account.
  • WhatsApp calls may appear to be phone calls, but in actual practice, they are just voice chats and not phone calls. If you attempt making WhatsApp International calls to a landline number and it may appear to be so, but in practice, you would be making a call through your mobile number and NOT your WhatsApp account. This will make you incur extra costs.
  • You will not be able to place WhatsApp international calls to the numbers NOT saved in your phonebook. You will first need to check the WhatsApp contact list that you may have.

Do you incur any cost for WhatsApp International Calls?

Well, that would be dependent on which number you are calling. A WhatsApp call is not actually a phone call and that holds good for WhatsApp international calls as well. Placing a WhatsApp International call to WhatsApp number is not considered as a phone call and thus you would not incur any cost. The calls are placed on an internet connection and thus you would be charged for the data used. If you are using an unlimited data plan with FUP, you will be charged for the data spent on making the WhatsApp international call.

However, if you have a data limit on your usage of date with your service provider, you may cross this limit and may need to incur extra charges. In such a scenario, it would be a good idea to place your WhatsApp international calls on WiFi connectivity.

There have been a few complaints from users of several mobile networks. They claim that they have been charged for the WhatsApp International calls or even domestic calls placed on WhatsApp. Technically speaking, this should never happen as the WhatsApp calls are never phone calls.

However, there can be several reasons that you might have been charged for WhatsApp international calls –

  • You might have placed a call on the wrong app thinking that you are making WhatsApp international calls. The icon for the WhatsApp and default phone app may look much similar. You might have placed a call through the default phone app mistakenly.
  • The confusion of the phonebook can make you wrongly place the intended WhatsApp international call on any other call app you may have installed on your phone. The WhatsApp Phonebook and the default phonebook are entirely different.
  • The call can be placed on the regular call when the WiFi connection is weak. When the WiFi or cellular data is weak, you may experience a changeover from a WhatsApp International call to a regular call. When that happens, you will end up getting charged for your supposed WhatsApp international calls.

What are the prime issues you may come across when using WhatsApp International Calls?

Well, WhatsApp can be an excellent option for the chats and other needs you may have, but opting for WhatsApp international calls or even domestic calls on WhatsApp can come with their own disadvantages and issues.

You would not be able to make any WhatsApp international calls outside the WhatsApp app

That should be quite obvious. If you want to make WhatsApp international call, you would need to place the call within the WhatsApp app. You will not be able to make a WhatsApp international call to someone who does not have a WhatsApp account. With around 5 billion people still not WhatsApp, you would it rather difficult to place WhatsApp international calls to them.

Internet Connection is a Must

Internet connectivity is a must for the WhatsApp international calls. If you do not have an internet connection either through mobile data or WiFi, you will not be able to make WhatsApp international calls. WhatsApp recommends using WiFi than depending on mobile data. WiFi is faster and can help you get proper connectivity when making WhatsApp international calls. In essence, you need an internet connection and that can be a handicap if you do not have a data connection

Availability on limited devices

WhatsApp is available only on a few limited devices and there are plenty of phones that do not support the use of WhatsApp. You cannot place a WhatsApp international call from a landline or make a call to a landline number. You would not be able to make calls to the older devices on which WhatsApp has stopped providing its services.

Well, WhatsApp international calls can indeed be an excellent option in the long run and you would find it a savior in many cases. If you ae careful enough with respect to a few important aspects stated above, it would be easier enough to place your WhatsApp international calls easily and not incur any cost for the same.

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