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Xfinity Speed Test

xfinity speed test

xfinity speed test Almost every one of us is using one or the other broadband connection for the connectivity requirements. Almost all of us know are aware of what plan we are paying for. But are we aware whether we are getting the same speed? Perhaps not many of us are aware that there is an option to check the same.

The speeds that you get are mostly controlled by your ISP or Internet Service Provider. The speeds would ideally be close to what you may be paying for, but the actual speeds may not be consistent throughout the day. There are times when the speed may be reduced to account for the quality of the service and the consistency for all the users simultaneously.

What is a Speed Test?

If you want to check the actual speeds that you are getting on your connection, you would need conduct a speed test. You have plenty of speed test services available. Most of them offer both web portal option and a mobile app compatibility as well.

The speed test can take into account and measure a wide range of metrics to arrive at the actual results in terms of the connectivity that you are getting. The primary components of a speed test would include a download speeds, upload speeds and the ping.

Xfinity Speed Test – A Review

The speed test was previously called Comcast Speed Test, and changed its name to Xfinity Speed Test. It is one of the popular options for the best ever experience in terms of the perfect speed tests.

The test is completely free and offers a web based portal. It can be one of the excellent options for understanding how much bandwidth do you have. Using the Xfinity Speed Test lets you have a proper idea of how close your upload and download speeds are to the speeds that have been advertised or agreed upon as part of your purchase. If you are facing issues with your movie streaming, uploads and downloads, you would find the Xfinity Speed Test one of the excellent options you can check out.

How to use Xfinity Speed Test?

Well, using Xfinity Speed Test should not be a huge task as such. You should be able to use it on any device without hiccups just the way you would use it on multiple devices.

Check out the steps here to understand how effective it can be to use Xfinity Speed Test –

  • Visit the official speed test web portal at

Xfinity Speed Test

  • Click on Start Test
  • Wait till the test results are completed.

As simple as that. Wasn’t that much obvious and easy?

How does Xfinity Speed Test Work?

Well, like most other speed tests, the Xfinity Speed Test too works in the similar manner as most other speed test services. It uses a relatively lower amount of download and upload data to conduct the tests. It does make use of its own specific algorithm to arrive at the speed in Mbps.

The Xfinity  Speed Test also takes into account the latency and other details when calculating the speed results. The service comes with OOKLA powered functionality. That would perhaps provide it the much needed reliability.

What did we find with Xfinity Speed Test?

The Xfinity Speed Testprovides you access to an accurate and fastest results with the application of the excellent and accurate algorithm. It does have around 28 different servers located in different parts of the world. You can make a choice of a server based on your exact requirements. If you do not have any issues with the functionality, you can configure auto detection of the servers.

The speed test service detects your location through the IP address and then grants you the nearest server for the tests. The tests are conducted with the help of 28 Xfinity Ookla hosted servers.

You need not worry about the file being used for uploads and downloads for testing the speed of your intent connectivity. These files are extremely harmless and you need not worry about them in any way. Do note, however, that the security tools and antivirus solutions on your system may treat these files as harmful and flag them.

If this happens with your Speed Test results, it can severely interfere with your speed tests. In such a scenario, you may need to turn off your Antivirus solution and conduct the speed tests. Once your tests are completed, do not forget to enable your Antivirus solution.

What should be the best Internet Speed?

Well, that should be something dependent upon how many users are using your internet connection. It would also be dependent upon the applications that you are using. Streaming, downloads and such options can need  a better speed performance.

Ideally speaking, a 5 to 10 Mbps speed per person can be one of the excellent options that can ensure a complete degree of comfortability. If you are into streaming HD content, you would perhaps need to have a speed of at least 25 Mbps.

For most of the practical purposes, an internet speed of around 50 Mbps should be more than enough. If you need any bandwidth more than that would be something that would be dependent on your exact needs and the total number of users on the network.

The ideal speed requirements you would need can be summarised as

Activity Speed Requirement
Sending and receiving emails 1 Mbps
Internet Browsing 3 Mbps
HD Video streaming 5 Mbps
Stream 4K Video 25 Mbps

The Closing Remarks

Well, Xfinity Speed test has been one of the excellent options you would find for testing your internet speeds. The service is powered by Ookla, which should further make it one of the much favoured options ever. Check them out and you will definitely find it offering an excellent option ever.

Use the speed test service and share your experiences with us. Use of an excellent graphics coupled with a better degree of presentation would make it one of the excellent options. Check it out and you will find it one of the best.

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