2 axis gimbal – How to pick a 2 axis Gimbal with ease

2 axis Gimbal

2 axis gimbal should be one of the best options for providing that much need stability to your camera in shooting your images. A Gimbal can be a 2 or 3 axis device that can be used for keeping your cameras rather steady. How would you choose a 2 axis gimbal to meet your needs? Do check out the tips and ideas here for the best results.

How to pick a 2 axis Gimbal with ease?

Well, picking the right option for the best 2 axis gimbal can be a huge concern in itself. Purchasing a new gimbal for the for your new camera, you would ned to go with a few specific factors and that is exactly what we will be covering in today’s post.

We created this post to let you understand how to choose the right ones for your needs in different types of gimbals.

Which should you go between a 3 and 2 axis Gimbal stabilization

Gimbals use a brushless motor in about two or three axis movement and provide you a stability. The choice between the two would be dependent on exact standard you are looking ahead to.

A 2 axis gimbal handles the tilt and roll axis, while the three axis options can be helpful in providing a pan stabilisation as well. For most of the ideal purposes a 2 axis gimbal would be the best option you would want to go with. The three axis gimbal provides you access to an improved smoothness when compared to the 2 axis gimbal options. 2 axis gimbals come with a relatively lower price tag, but still you would find it offering you a really exciting performance.


The reliability offered by the gimbals should be yet another excellent options ever. That is exactly what makes it one of the toughest choices to make as there are several options currently available. Most of these 2 Axis gimbal (or even 3 axis options) products that are available currently are from many fly by night operators. You would find a host of these products belonging to substandard quality.

When picking a new 2 axis gimbal for your camera, do ensure that you pay enough attention to the reliability and quality and not the price. Never go with a knock off quality product just because you are getting it at an affordable price tag. The right option would be to go through the reviews, YouTube reviews and actual customer reviews. Never ever believe the sponsored reviews.

A Kickstarter product may not always be the one you would be able to rely upon. They often come from the companies that are not established as yet, and no proven product record.

Build quality and design

The build quality can be one of the major elements you would definitely need to focus on when buying the best 2 axis gimbal options. A host of gimbal projects are made available these days in the low price level come with a mold injected plastic.

You will find a host of them appear to be quite chap and may not be the right options to use in the rugged and difficult use cases. In fact, they may not be able to withstand the usage conditions in tough and difficult conditions. The right ones to go with would be to choose the gimbals made of nylon-reinforced plastic. The ideal material used in the manufacturing of 2 axis gimbal options would be aircraft grade aluminium. This will provide you access to an improved durability in terms of use and occasional drops.

The Batteries

Removable and rechargeable batteries would be an excellent option for picking the best 2 axis gimbals. Of course, that alone may not be the right option in choosing your favourite 2 axis gimbal. There are a few high end gimbals that provide you access to built in batteries that cannot be removed.

The removable batteries provide you access to an option to change the batteries and continue your shooting regime without a break. Make sure that you check out the batteries and their capacity. Larger batteries would ensure that you get access to a better and longer run times.

Ease of Use

A good deal of versatility and ease of use should be a couple of features you would find rather impressive. The weight of the gimbal should be one of the major and important factors you should pay attention to when ensuring the safety and ease of use of the 2 axis gimbals you would want to go with.

The versatility is one of the most important factors you should an immediate attention to. Ability to be mounted with other accessories can be one of the prime features you would find quite essential in getting access to a wonderful experience ever. Compatibility with tripods, extension poles or other products would be an added advantage.

Other extra features

A few other factors we would find rather impressive would further improve the performance quality. Some of these extra factors would include

  • A built in charging compatibility
  • A camera control compatibility on the gimbal.
  • Support for a considerable degree of payload in terms of cameras.
  • Additional stabilisation modes

Not that not every 2 axis gimbal you pick comes with those additional features. We would just want you to ensure that at least a few features are available on your chosen 2 axis gimbal.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, those were just a few features we found quite impressive and efficient in choosing the best option for your needs in going with the best 2 axis gimbal for most of your requirements. The above tips should ideally help you pick the best possible options for any of your needs in gaining access to a wonderful experience ever in choosing the perfect option for all your needs in the right gimbal.

Apart from the host of features and functions that we have already discussed, it would be necessary to find the best 2 axis gimbals based on the warranty offered by the product. An ideal warranty of at least one year should be the best you can go with.

Check out the right ones for your needs and pick the best that meet your requirements. Take into account the tips we have shared here.

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