How to make money on youtube without making videos

how to make money on youtube without making videos

How to make money on youtube without making videos

Well, for most of us earning from YouTube videos would involve creating videos and getting enough views and likes for your videos. That would not be something much easy for everyone. In fact, creating viral videos would need you to have a lot of skill, time and the necessary equipment. Then, once you create your videos, you need to get access to a good number of views and likes that may not be much easy to come by.

But is there any way to earn money on YouTube without even those hard tasks? To be frank, is there any way to check how to make money on YouTube without making videos? We will make an attempt at understanding the tricks and trips in how to earn money on YouTube without creating videos.

How to Make Money on YouTube without making Videos?

The trick to earn money on YouTube without making videos would involve a few crucial stages. Let us check out the steps one by one to have a better understanding of the best options available on how to make money on YouTube without making videos.

Step 1– Understand your Niche

This step would involve picking the finding the right videos you prefer watching on YouTube. Choosing your niche should be one of the prime factors you need to check out. Now that we would not be creating any videos, why should this step matter?

Well, that would be something you would be able to strike gold with if you are careful enough. As you would have noticed, a host of the video sites do not create any of their own videos, but reupload the existing videos and earn money from them.

The idea is to make use of ads and affiliate marketing to earn money. If you are wondering whether this method affects your Google ranking or your earning, you need not worry at all. The method that we would be using here would involve no illegality and falls under the normal usage.

Step 2 – Create your Own Channel

Now that you have found your own favourite niche, the next step would involve creating your own channel. Of course, if you have a Google account, you should definitely have a How to make money on youtube without making videos profile under your account settings. Just create a YouTube channel under your profile. You can name your channel based on what you would prefer.

Create a logo, banner and a profile picture for the channel. Make sure you have filled the bio with the highly relevant keywords that have a good deal of search volume and SEO benefits. Use of keyword will ensure that the channel is not a robot or illegal. It can also ensure that your channel is not banned for being illegal.

Step 3 – Monetise your Channel

Go to YouTube search and find the content that belongs to your niche. Make sure that you have picked the content that is marked as Creative Commons. A Creative Commons license will ensure that you can make a few changes to the video without involving yourself in any sort of copyright violation.

Once you have found the right content you can post on your channel, recreate your video by making a few minor modifications. Once the editing is done and your video is ready to be uploaded, add the thumbnails and keywords that you are looking to rank for. Upload the newly recreated video, and you should be ready to begin making money from your YouTube channel. We would suggest posting content for at least one to seven videos per month initially. You can slowly increase or decrease the frequency based on the performance of your channel.

Step 4- Optimise your video/channel

The best way to achieve success in earning a decent income on YouTube would be to ensure that you have applied a good deal of optimisation. You would be able to ensure that your click-through rate is improved and you would be able to improve the view time.

A few tips that can help create highly optimised videos can include

  • Make sure that you have created good title and description
  • Design and create thumbnails for every video created
  • List all your videos under a common license.
  • Stay consistent with your posts.
  • Employ a storytelling scenario.

The above method is referred to as Curation and can work to be one of the excellent options to begin earning money on YouTube without making videos.

Which kind of Content would rank better on YouTube?

Now that we are aware of how to monetise your YouTube channel and learn how to make money on YouTube without making videos, it may be a good idea to check out a few key factors that would prove handy enough to ensure your content ranks high enough.

Ideally speaking, the content such as top 10 and pranks tend to go viral in many cases.

A few good content ideas that you may find ranking would include

  • Top X Sports Headlines
  • Top Video games
  • Top facts about XXXXX
  • Top 10 Scary movies ever.

The best option would be to pick the videos and note down the highest number of views that the video has been able to gather. Filter the videos that are available under the Creative Commons license.

You can even undertake a research on Google Trends to arrive at the popular keywords in the niche. You can check out the other options such as KWFinder or SEMRush.

Using tools such as TubeBuddy can further help you pick the best options in terms of getting access to the video content ever and use it on your YouTube channel.

The process is actually referred to as Curation, and that would be one of the excellent options to help you earn money on YouTube without making videos.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, half of the internet is all about YouTube, and that should speak for its popularity. With more than 1.9 billion active users every month, that should definitely be the huge platform and the right one for earning some handsome income.

However, you may not find it that easy to upload that so many videos consistently. That is precisely what makes it one of the excellent options to make money on YouTube without making videos. Check out the best options and tips we have outlined above and share your experiences with us.

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