How to make microsoft word dark mode

Microsoft word dark mode

How to make microsoft word dark mode word dark mode If you are someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computers, you should be aware of the strain on your eyes that it can cause. It can come up with a lot of strain and stress and a few symptoms an including headaches and eye fatigue. The best way most of the operating systems and applications try addressing this issue is through adopting a dark or night mode.

With a huge number of operating systems and apps offering a Twitch dark mode on their devices, how can one expect Microsoft to be left behind? Let us explore the Microsoft Word dark mode to understand the Account.  concept and how to turn on the dark mode on Microsoft Word.

How to enable Microsoft Word dark Mode?

Before you move to find how to enable Microsoft Word Dark mode, you need to have your Microsoft Suite or the Microsoft apps on your devices updated to the latest version. The dark mode can only be accessed if you are at least on Version 2010 (Build 13318.20000).

It should be noticed that the official Dark Mode on the How to make microsoft word dark mode apps is available only on the Microsoft 365 subscription. In the case of Office 2013 to Office 2019, you can simply change the theme to dark gray and get the best dark mode appearance. The functionality does work on any version of Windows that includes Windows 7, 8 and 10. Sadly enough, the dark mode on Microsoft Word is not available on Mac as yet.

Here is how you can change the theme –

  • Go to File and then pick the option for
  • On the right side, locate the option for Office Theme, and click on the drop-down menu.
  • Pick the option for Dark Gray or Black options for the theme.


That should do it. Your theme for Word will be changed and you will be able to use the dark theme for your office documents.

There is yet another way you can change the theme of your Microsoft Word installation. This would again be through the file menu itself and involves checking for the functionality under the Options submenu.

Here is how you would be able to do it –

  • Go to File -> Options.
  • Select the General category of options
  • You should locate the Windows Theme under the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office
  • Choose the option for your favorite theme by picking the right one from among the different drop-down items.

That does it. You have successfully changed the theme for your How to make microsoft word dark mode. Do note that the settings for changing the theme and enabling the Microsoft Word Dark Mode is the same across all Microsoft Office products. In fact, the changes you make in any of the Microsoft apps such as Word or Excel will be applicable to the entire Microsoft Office suite.

Does the Dark mode on Microsoft Word come with any issues?

As long as working with the document is concerned, you will stand to gain a better degree of performance and efficiency. In any case, you will get a document with a white background and black text by default. That can continue to make you face a little discomfort when working with the documents.

Of course, you can change the documents to have a black background and white text. That would ideally reduce the strain on your eyes, but even then – you would come across another severe issue. If you are sharing those documents, anyone who receives them will see the black background and white text. If they are going to print it, it will give an odd look, and will also involve a huge loss of ink or toner.

Another option to Microsoft Word Dark mode – Use the Page Color option

You should be able to find the option for changing the page color under the Word Settings. You can simply enable the color of your choice and pick the one that best meets your visual preferences.

Here is how you go with it –

  • Locate the Design tab on the menu bar on your Word app
  • Click on the Design tab and find Page Color
  • Once here, you can pick a few of the darkest options based on your individual preferences.

You can perhaps try out different combinations and check out which of them appear comfortable for your needs and expectations.

If you want to switch back, it should be rather simple and easy as returning to the Page Color option and picking the white box in the color grip.

Do note that changing the color in this way will only affect the current document you are working right now on. The other documents will not be affected. Do note that if you send the documents to someone, the document will be available for them with the Reddit dark mode background. Do note that when they print it, it can involve a heavy toner or ink usage.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, turning the How to make Microsoft word dark mode may not be a difficult task, but id you are expecting anything such as the Snapchat dark mode on browsers, that may not be the case with Microsoft Word in particular and Microsoft office documents in general.

The documents will continue to be available in the white background with the black text. This is done to help the recipient of the document to save on the ink or toner costs which may be wasted unnecessarily.

Check those steps out to find the best options that meet your need and check out the perfect way to turn the How to make microsoft word dark mode on your Microsoft Office.

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